Friday, November 16, 2007

Like We Said, Folks, You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

Santa Muzzled, Pigeons Maligned ~ Where Will It All End?

Put these under "Believe It, Or Not!"

In Australia, sidewalk and store Santas have been admonished not to bespeak the familiar "Ho, Ho, Ho," lest they might frighten the children or -- get this -- be found offensive to women.

Offensive to women? Sure, if Don Imus was dressed in a Santa suit (topped by a cowboy hat, no doubt), running around screaming, "Nappy-headed Ho, Ho, Ho."

And if putting the kibosh on the spirit of the holiday season in Sydney wasn't enough - - -

Half way around the world, in the greatest metropolis in the universe, the Speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn, has been admonished by animal rights activists (or, in this instance, overactivists), for, of all things, likening pigeons to rats.

Talk about pigeonholing.

Its one thing for a City Councilwoman to propose legislation imposing fines on pigeon feeding New Yorkers, but when the Speaker calls pigeons "rats?" Whoa!

Urban Wildlife Coalition founder Johanna Clearfield wrote Quinn, slamming her as "clueless," since "pigeons have nothing in common with rats" - and calling her comment an "epithet . . . much like the n-word."

Sure, now we have the "r-word" to contend with.

Johanna, they're freakin' pigeons!

And we wonder why this planet is in convulsions, nation taking up arms against nation, brother killing brother, the haves at the throats of the have-nots!

The squirrels are running the nut house, and the pigeons are hot on their tails. . .
- - -
The work of community continues. The day of the community activist/advocate is never over.

For The Community Alliance blogger, however, there comes a time when even the weariest warrior must get some rest, the troops given a bit of much-deserved R&R, and a pause in the insanity be taken.

We're taking a break for the holidays [No 'Ho, Ho, Ho' from us]. Be back when rats fly -- or when the Town of Hempstead goes Democratic, whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, you scions of community, this is your opportunity to strut your stuff, speak your minds, and step up to the plate for the cause.

Yes, we're talking to YOU, and inviting your musings and anecdotes (or antidotes, if you've got 'em) as Guest Bloggers in the name of community.

Keep those postcards and e-mails from the edge coming, and remember, until there's a cure for the apathy, and a balm for bad government, there's only you -- and The Community Alliance!

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