Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roosevelt Field Had Lucky Lindy

The Hempstead Plain Has Moldy Murray

They're descending upon the mold-encased Archstone apartments in Westbury. [Read Newsday's, Archstone Westbury dwellers deluged with offers.]

Movers. Realtors. Mold-Removers.

Like cockroaches out of the woodwork, it has become a field day in the shadows of the Covanta incinerator for those who would prey upon the most vulnerable -- in this instance, Hempstead Town's soon-to-be additions to the homeless population.

Let not the opportunity pass for she of the photo opportunity to make the most of what is a resident's worst nightmare.

That's right, ladies and mold spores, Hempstead Town Supervisor, Kate Murray, was there as well, distributing Murraygrams, offering to relocate the dispossessed into illegal accessory apartments throughout the township.

"We absolutely want to help these folks get away from the mold and on with their lives," said America's favorite Town Clown.

"After all, we at Hempstead Town gave our seal of approval -- or at very least, turned our backs -- on poor construction, inferior materials, and who knows how many building code infractions."

Looks like a new Blight Study is in order, Madam Supervisor. The Town's gonna have to condemn about 800 apartment units in Westbury, because your Building Department paid about as much attention to the details at Archstone as "Wrong Way" Corrigan did to his compass.

Asked whether the Town's lack of oversight at Archstone would impact upon Hempstead's supervision of the proposed Lighthouse project at Nassau's Hub, Murray barely batted an eyelash.

Pointing to the vast wasteland upon which sits the dilapidated Coliseum, Murray smiled.

"See that building over there? No, not the Coliseum Deli. That one, over THERE! One day, all you will see are green fields, as we make Nassau’s lovely hub an even better place to live, work, and raise mold spores."

That's green. As in MILDEW.

Thanks, Kate. Give yourself a raise and send us a mailing in 2009.

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  1. I am a resident of Archstone Westbury. My three month old son was horribly ill and hospitalized for over a week due to the mold at Archstone. I am trying to organize tenants. Any suggestions? You can read my story at