Friday, March 21, 2008

"Bay Park Is Not Nassau County's Toilet!"

Of Course Not. Elmont is Nassau County's toilet.

Or was that Roosevelt? Uniondale? West Hempstead? Archstone at Moldbury? Or any of the other unincorporated hamlets that, not conincidentally, just happen to be situated in the Town of Hempstead, America's most blighted township, and Nassau County's largest sewer.

Sure, the sewage stinks at Bay Park. The facility is aged, and perhaps even inadequate. East Rockaway residents have a legitimate gripe about the operation of the plant and the impact of more sewage on the environment and their community, but this shouldn't cloud their minds -- or further dirty the waters -- with respect to the merits of consolidating sewer districts.

As for the remarks of Town of Hempstead Councilman Tony Santino to the effect that the county shouldn't be dumping on Bay Park, he's absolutely correct.

After all, that's the Town of Hempstead's job, to turn the entire township -- the most populous in the nation (probably based upon the number of illegal apartments alone) -- into one, big toilet.

The backhanded, two-faced, self-serving politics engaged in by Tony Santino -- as in "do as the Town says, not as the Town does" -- is not only counterproductive, it downright reeks like the rotting flesh of too many years of single party, demogogic, rule.

Enough, already.

Santino's rant has at its very foundation a stack of misrepresentations, atop a pile of lies, bundled with that strangling twine of falsehoods -- the stuff that Karl Rove (called "the Architect" by the likes of Sean Hannity) built an entire presidency upon -- conjuring up fear among the populace for the sole purpose of garnering votes from the electorate.

Santino purports to tell one community to "stand up and speak out," while, through his votes on the Town Board (typically away from the cameras and out of the public eye), he tells another community to "sit down and shut up." [We're referring to West Hempstead, in this instance, but feel free to substitute the name of your own, trounced upon, hometown.]

This kind of uttter nonsense from Town Hall has to stop, and the mean-spirited, arrogant, and self-righteous officials, who propogate little minds with shallow rhetoric, have to go.

As for Kate Murray, the propogator-in-chief, please remember to flush on your way out, Kate, and for God's sake, put down the seat!
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East Rockaway residents protest sewage treatment plant

At a raucous public meeting last night, East Rockaway residents who live near the Bay Park sewage treatment plant expressed vocal opposition to a Nassau County proposal to divert sewage there from smaller plants.

Speakers complained of odors and pollution in Hempstead Bay, where the Bay Park plant discharges sewage. Residents said the plan would benefit Cedarhurst and Lawrence, whose sewage would flow to Bay Park under the proposal, at the expense of those who live near the plant, which treats nearly half the sewage in Nassau County.

At times the crowd of 200 or so at East Rockaway High School interrupted County Executive Thomas Suozzi's defense of the plan with shouts and jeers.

Hempstead town Councilman Anthony Santino drew applause when he said the plan would lead to more beach closures, saying "Bay Park is not Nassau County's toilet."

Suozzi, whose team spent the previous hour trying to allay community fears about odor and pollution, called Santino's remarks "completely irresponsible," adding "What do you suggest, we close down the sewage plant?"

The plan was approved by the county legislature in January in a vote opponents said was not fully publicized beforehand.

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  1. I played golf today(5/13/08) at Bay Park Golf Course and the smell was absoluely terrible! Hey Tom, care to join me for a few rounds? And the County had the gaul to increase rates this year! Time to move off this dying, stinking, overtaxed Island, after 28 years......saddens me

  2. Written by Community Alliance, what a sham of an organization, come on down to Ocean Harbor in Oceanside and smell this raw sewage stink any afternoon and some evenings, its a disgrace, Do you have a stench like this in west hempstead?? I wish you did!