Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"I Love This Job"

State of Nassau County Boils Down to Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Click HERE to read Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi's State of the County Address, and to view the video.

Among the great lines -- and challenges -- offered by Mr. Suozzi:

"...create "cool downtowns" that foster ideas, culture and education to attract young people and empty nesters. If we build it, they will come."

"...our greatest success will come if we get a Nassau Coliseum HUB plan approved by the Town of Hempstead and off the ground before the Islanders lose another season and the people begin to lose heart."

"Let’s make America’s first suburb, America’s first green suburb and then let’s green all of Long Island."

"Closer to home, people are worried about Nassau County’s future, too. Worried about those property taxes, worried about our high LIPA and KeySpan bills, about young families finding affordable housing in Nassau County and about seniors finding the money to stay in their homes."

"We are a stone’s throw from the center of the world…" [And we thought Nassau County was the center of the world!]

"Together, we will tame our runaway property taxes."

"I still believe in Nassau County." [I do, I do, I do.]

"We’re not satisfied. We’re not finished. And we never will be finished until we make our own future what we want it to be."

" ain't seen nothin' yet."

And the best line of the evening -- the opener -- "I love this job!"

Now its time to put those words into action, Mr. County Executive. The Debbie Downers (read as Peter Schmitt & Company) and naysayers notwithstanding, Nassau County's best days are, indeed, yet to come!

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