Friday, March 28, 2008

Town Of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes Offers E-z Reminder Service

E-Mail Service To Help Taxpayers Avoid Late Payments

If there's two things in life that are guaranteed -- death and taxes -- we all know which of the two is more frightening, especially here on Long Island.

TAXES, of course!

And if you should ever find yourself stranded on a desert island -- long or otherwise -- you can be assured that one of two people (or both) are guaranteed to find you -- the County's Assessor of Taxes and the Town's Receiver of Taxes.

As concerns the latter, Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes, Donald X. Clavin, Jr., is trying to ease the homeowners' burden, if not by reducing taxes (yes, we know. The Town does not set either the assessment or the tax rate), then by offering an e-mail reminder service to residents who pay their property taxes directly (not as part of a mortgage payment).

"For the convenience of taxpayers, I am pleased to announce that Hempstead Town offers a tax payment e-mail reminder service," said Receiver Clavin. "E-mail reminders can help you to remember to make your tax payments on time and avoid being assessed a penalty for a late payment."

Once you subscribe to this service, you will receive an e-mail reminder approximately ten days prior to each of the General and School Tax payment due dates, four times each year (on or about Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 and Nov. 1).

You may sign up for this service by visiting the town's website at, clicking on the Receiver of Taxes link button and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page to click on the Payment Reminders link button.

Once you have submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a confirming e-mail. You must open that e-mail and click on the link provided in order to be added to our mailing list. This process ensures that your address will not be added without your consent or knowledge.

Reminders will be sent to your e-mail address whether or not you have already paid your tax bill. You may unsubscribe to this service at any time.

This service is a courtesy only; the Receiver of Taxes is not responsible for any undelivered e-mails. Property owners are responsible for payment of all tax bills in a timely manner whether or not reminder notices are received.

Payment of your tax bill may also be accomplished online through the Town of Hempstead's website by clicking on the online tax payments link button located on the Receiver of Taxes page.

The Town of Hempstead is committed to preserving your privacy when visiting our website. [In fact, they may disavow your very existence in matters not concerning the collection of taxes. :-)] Your e-mail address is not collected for commercial marketing purposes (Kate Murray will NOT be sending you e-mails, but do check your Junk Mail regularly, just in case LOL) and Hempstead Town does not sell or distribute your e-mail address for any purpose.

"I encourage you to take advantage of this unique service offered by our Receiver of Taxes Office," concluded Receiver Clavin. "The task of paying taxes should be easy and convenient, and the Receiver of Taxes Office is committed to helping taxpayers in any way that it can."
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NOTICE: This concludes the obligation of The Community Alliance blog to say something nice about the Town of Hempstead at least once, annually. We are now good through March, 2009!

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