Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Is Not Just About Global Warming

Its About You!

There are some among us -- many, in fact -- who believe that the earth revolves around them.

Well, for at least one day -- Earth Day, Tuesday April 22 -- it does.

In fact, the earth revolves around every one of us, as stewards of this great, green and blue planet, and not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Sure, it has become cliche to say "think globally, act locally." And how many of us actually "recycle, reuse, or reduce?"

Still, you don't have to compete with Al Gore for the Nobel Prize or be another Ed Begley, Jr. to help save our little corner of the planet.

Earth Day activities are as simple -- and as close -- as battery recycling at the AAA's Great Battery Round-Up in Garden City, and the Mother Earth Parade at the Long Island Children's Museum.

From keeping our drinking water pure through organic lawn care, to saving energy by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, you can do your part, today and every day, to make a big difference.

It truly is easy being green -- on the environment and on your wallet.
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Visit the office site of the Alliance for Climate Protection


  1. Want to protect the earth and save energy? Then stop all wars, conflicts and terrorism. How do you do that? Make the United States free of foreign oil. When the US is energy independent there will be no more oil wars and the terrorists will no longer be able or interested in reaching us. This will save lives AND energy. Let's study what Denmark, France, Brazil, and Australia have done on diversifying their energy supplies and do likewise. Let's drill wherever we have oil and put a new nuclear power plant in every state. Let's use all our coal and natural gas. We don't need foreign energy. And we will be safer, greener, and richer with out it. All of the earth’s natural resources will be eventually used by someone at some time. Would your rather these resources be recovered in an ecological friendly and sustainable way by the US or that some dictator who could not care less about the environment exploit the earth. All alternative sources of energy will take decades to bring online because their conversion efficiencies are not yet high enough. Eventually, the US will lead the world into a sustainable green economy, but energy independence comes first. It is the low hanging fruit and gives immediate benefits now.

  2. I think it's a little bit ironic to drive some distance to recycle batteries... i'm staying home :-)