Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NYS Legislature Passes On-Time, Balanced Budget, Consolidates Special Taxing Districts, And Eliminates School Property Tax


We were going to post a prank blog about Governor David Paterson having to resign after being caught jogging down State Street wearing only a red clown nose ("My advisors told me I was fully clothed"), but, in this day and age, where anything and everyone goes -- especially in Albany -- it could have been true!

So, instead we chose to offer up a scenario where our State Legislature actually passed a BALANCED budget, meeting the April 1st deadline, consolidating water districts, sanitary districts, fire districts, and even lighting districts (so, we'll sit in the dark), and, once and for all, disposing of the property tax as the primary means of financing public education.

That, after all, would be sooooo far fetched as to be utterly unbelieveable.

Yes, today is April Fools day -- where the joke's on you.

Of course, here in New York, where the homeowner and taxpayer is regularly played for the fool by officialdom, its kinda hard to differentiate April 1st from any other day of the year.

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