Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School Budget Vote Today, May 19th

Support Long Island's Generation Next

There's plenty that ails Long Island's school districts -- all 127 of them. [And that's just for starters.]

From budgets that rival those of small nation-states and teachers/administrators who mistakenly believe that six figure salaries (with the pensions that go with them) and generous, taxpayer-sponsored lifetime benefits are entitlements, to school boards whose not so hidden agenda is to systematically dismantle the public schools and so-called "reform" groups who would just as soon divert your tax dollars to private and parochial schools as to keep them in your wallet.

Phew! Tip of the iceberg, no doubt.

Still, we must not let our dissatisfaction and frustration get in the way of what's truly at stake here -- the education of our children.

After all, years of a dumbed-down electorate have gotten us where we are today: overtaxed, under served, and endlessly paying the piper with little or no music to hear for it.

It will, apparently, be for our children to get us out of this mess, as we have seen fit to sit on our hands and do absolutely nothing to buck the trend of borrow, spend, and spend some more.

To do so, our children will need the smarts that can only come through a first class education, both in and out of the classroom, and our support, as parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends, who understand that the future of our communities is held in the hands of every child who walks through that school house door.

The Community Alliance urges everyone eligible to vote to do so. And when you step into the voting booth and pull that curtain shut, consider the beneficiaries of your actions before you pull that lever.

The choices we make today will decide the direction we take tomorrow!


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