Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Staycation In The Town Of Hempstead?

Why The Heck Not?

The latest mailing (we have yet to check the mailbox today) from the Town of Hempstead encourages residents to vacation in Hempstead Town during these tough economic times.

There's golfing, boating, museums, hiking trails. You name it.

Of course, the Town folk don't mention the ever-popular guided tour of the Covanta Waste Recovery Station (whose smoke stack has a claim to fame as the tallest structure on Long Island), or an overnight stay at one of Hempstead Town's fabled no-tell hotels. [May we recommend the Long Beach Motor Inn?]

Hey, you can't cover all the bases in a full-color mailing, or even on the Town's website, which beckons vacationers with the tag line, "It's all happening in Hempstead Town!"

The "it" in "it's all happening" is, of course, open to interpretation.

As much as we like to poke fun at the Town of Hempstead, and its jolly Supervisor, smiling Kate Murray (all well-deserved, to be sure), we've got to admit, a staycation in Hempstead Town, with its pristine beaches, beautiful parks, and breathtaking vistas, isn't such a bad idea at that.

So, this summer, all of you Town of Hempstead residents, play where your tax dollars are supposed to be working.

Tell them smiling Kate Murray sent you!
- - -
For information on the Town of Hempstead's "vacation" spots, visit the Office of Tourism at Click HERE to request brochures.


  1. the most significant vacation getaway in the Town of Hempstead is their unbelievably revered Gigantic Parking Lot over on Hempstead Tpke. Kate cherishes it so that she doesnt want to do a THING to change it.

  2. Every time I get one of those famous "Murraygrams", such as the one that encouraged me to plan for my "staycation", it reminds me how out of touch she is with what is going on among her constituents. I'd like to offer Ms. Murray a recommendation: tomorrow, buy a copy of Newsday. Don't look at the news or read the sports section. Instead go right to the legal notices and take a good look at how many foreclosure notices there are. Then turn a few pages to the "help wanted" section and notice the dearth of job openings, especially higher paying jobs. Now connect the dots: people are losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing hope and finally losing their patience. Instead of encouraging "staycations" or giving me the latest update on what's happening at Lido Beach, I would be far more impressed with some kind of real economic development program that would make a meaningful difference in the lives of Hempstead's residents. Instead we seem to have a town that specializes in obstructing economic development as opposed to enabling it. Of course, we do have the Hempstead Industrial Development Agency, which counts among its accomplishments a whole variety of assisted living facilities and budget hotels - for who knows how much in tax abatements. I'm sure those have created a lot of high-paying jobs. The good news is that we do have another election cycle coming up and if we're fortunate, Ms. Murray will have plenty of time to enjoy her own "staycation" after November.

  3. Obstructing Economic development like what - OOH you must be referring to the WANG - Lighthouse Project???

    Yeah sure that's gonna be a REAL economic boost!!

    Light Railways and everything to bring you to the newly developed areas over at the Nassau Coliseum & Mitchell Field Areas???


    And who is going to be spending their money on such things in tough economic times???

    BUT Your absolutely right it's ALL Kate Murrays Fault & the Town of Hempsteads - Nassau County & County Executive Suozzi are GOLD when it comes to being overspending and waste management??

    Just look the County bought a $30 Million Sewage Treatment Plant in Glen Cove!!

    Hey and soon the County will have $30 Million in New Traffic Cameras- wonder how many Police Officers could have been put on the Streets for $30 Million???

    Just look at our County Legislators their ALL honest hardworking and working for you and I - Roger Corbin is a FINE example of that - BUT he's innocent - He didn
    t know that $226K had to be reported to the IRS - It was consulting fees - HAHAHA - And the checks were made out to CASH!!!

    I Love it you can't make this crap up!!!

  4. Glad to see that Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents are reading, and commenting.

    We welcome all viewpoints.

    Something you will not likely see on Kate Murray's Facebook!

  5. And once again a shot from the Democratic Party regardin Kate Murray -

    Of course Tom Souzzi is perfect in all aspects

    I think Tom Souzzi should change his name to "WALDO" that way the publishers can put out another book of "Where is Waldo in NY State"

    Lookout Tom November will surprising!!!

  6. It should be noted that criticism of Kate Murray, or the Town of Hempstead, should not necessarily be construed as support for Tom Suozzi, Nassau County, or Charles Wang, despite the evident assumption being made by the writer above.