Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home For The Holidays

And An Opportunity To Feed The Hungry

We take a break from the madness here at The Community Alliance blog, with a heartfelt wish that all of our readers and their families enjoy not only the warmth and spirit of the season, but of the cherished time spent with -- or away from -- one another, and that we all may embrace the true meaning of this time of thanksgiving, by reaching out to those who may be less fortunate -- the homeless, the homebound, the hungry, the chronically oppressed residents of Hempstead Town. 1/2 LOL

Remember those who are in need, those who are alone, and those who could simply use a kind word from a friend or neighbor.

The local soup kitchens need provisions and volunteers. Local charities could use your donations and support. And feeding the hungry couldn't be easier -- with a simple click at thehungersite.com.

Check out The INN, Long Island Cares, and your local house of worship, among other resources for opportunities to help others.

Of course, the work of community never stops, and we at The Community Alliance will not rest, that tryptophan-induced snooze on Turkey Day notwithstanding.

So, read the blog, and then bring out the turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings.


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