Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Town Budget: $386 million*

Town Payroll: $74 Million**
Town's proclivity to dupe residents into believing their taxes are "frozen?": Shameless!

*2010 Budget, Town of Hempstead
**2009 Payroll (year to date), Town of Hempstead (2221 employees). Does not include Town Special Districts.

As Town Supervisor Kate Murray says in the 2010 Preliminary Budget, "There's nothing up our sleeves."

Of course not. It's all in your pockets, and out of the wallets of every homeowner, merchant, and property tax payer in Hempstead Town.

Put an end to wasteful spending and the exploitation of the taxpayer. Join The Resistance!


  1. I think we are talking real money here. I went through the TOH budget and could not believe that there is actually a Department of Tourism.

    I can just picture someone from Paris calling the TOH asking what is there to do in the TOH?? Can you send me a brochure?

    The budget is around $250,000 all in salary. Small pickin's compared to $346 Million but still rather stunning.

    Also I could not find out where the Murrygrams, etc are hidden? They don't show up in the council members budget anywhere but must be quite a cost.

  2. Mike, I really think there should be an audit of how much gets spent on those self-serving "Murraygrams" - not just direct expense such as printing and postage but staff time as well. I have to believe we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars down the tubes, just so she can talk about how great she is.