Friday, November 27, 2009

That Was No Man With A Gun. . .

It Was Merely Town Supervisor Kate Murray, Demanding A Raise!

Yet another Thanksgiving at West Hempstead's Courtesy Hotel. . .

Man charged in robbery attempt in hotel hallway, Newsday, Walking down a hall at the Courtesy Hotel in West Hempstead, a 29-year-old man was confronted Tuesday night by a man with a gun who demanded his money, police said. . .

How many years? How many broken promises? At what cost to a community's quality of life?

You work hard, Kate Murray. Thwarting the will of the people. Standing in the way of progress. Keeping Hempstead the most blighted town in America.

Give yourself a raise! [And let your constituents eat dust amidst the squalor...]


  1. I love Deery's comment to the effect that the raises are deserved because Hempstead is the "best-run government anywhere." I'd call that just a slight bit of hyperbole, given the fact they can't even figure out how to run the cemetery.

  2. I have an idea to move things along at the Courtesy Hotel.

    Kate Murray should have to stay in a room in that hotel every night until the day it finally closes. I'd give it 72 hours and that place would be shut down once and for all. In fact, I'd even support taxpayer funds being used to pay for her stay!

  3. Its been MORE THAN 15 YEARS since the first complaints were filed about the Courtesy Hotel.How long can it possibly take to shut this place down? If it was in NYC cobwebs would be growing in the place.

    Maybe the main reason that the courtesy is still open is because of the surrounding neighboorhood of west hempstead:

    orthodox jews and african-americans. how many of them voted for kate? i wonder.


  4. KGG,

    15 years has gone by and nothing has been done about the courtesy. why? because the situation isnt affecting any of her direct friends or family because none live in west hempstead.