Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Community Alliance Takes Gold In Snow Shoveling Event

Neighbor Helping Neighbor Is Key To Community

Yesterday, after the snowflakes stopped falling, We, The People at The Community Alliance, together with friends and family, were out shoveling paths and driveways of our neighbors, most notably, the elderly and homebound.

Today, we are making the rounds and hitting the stores, picking up necesities for those who cannot get out of their homes, and for those who would otherwise walk to the supermarket or drug store.

Helping one's neighbor is an essential building block of community; the very essence of what brings us together as Long Islanders.

Please check up on your neighbors today, particularly seniors. If nothing more, offer a friendly smile, some warm-hearted conversation, and, perhaps, a hot cup of cocoa.

Today, digging out from the lastest winter storm. Tomorrow, victory in the deicing finals.

Onward and upward!

The Community Alliance
Proud Sponsor of Long Island's Hometowns


  1. What, no Curling?

  2. Sorry, no curling. But watch for relay shuffle board in the 2012 Games in London. ;-)