Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's Got A Hand In Your Pocket

"SeeThroughNY" Gives Glimpse Of Government Spending

Want to see who's getting a paycheck and how much they're earning at County or Town government, or perhaps at your school or fire district? Curious as to what contracts are being entered into by your government, and what its costing taxpayers? Looking for legislative expenditures and moola from the pork barrel?

Well, more information is now just a mouse-click away at, "a statewide network through which taxpayers can share, analyze and compare data from counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts and public authorities throughout New York," created by the Empire Center for NYS Policy.

Granted, SeeThroughNY gives you much of the same data and info that can be garnered from New York's official "transparency" website, (from which, it would appear, much of the data on SeeThroughNY originates), but it does give New Yorkers another portal through which they can -- and should -- begin to decipher how and by whom their tax dollars are being spent.

So, spend a little time (you're already spending a lot of money) this Presidents' Week clicking on those links for payroll, contracts, expenditures, and more at You may be astonished -- if not totally shocked -- at what you will find.

Hey, it's your money. Know where every penny of it goes!

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