Thursday, February 04, 2010

The New York State Deficit Is Now $8.2 Billion

That's 8.2 Billion!

Where's the guy from the MegaMillions commercials when you need him? Thank God for Powerball.

Folks, New York is running out of money faster than Sarah Palin can say "I quit!"

We've gone from $7.4 billion what seems like yesterday (gee, it was yesterday) to a projected $8.2B deficit for 2010-11. And that doesn't account for any additional shortfalls the MTA may happen upon when next they open their books.

Apparently, there's not enough revenue coming in to Albany by way of income tax and sales tax, and those sick folks are simply not dying fast enough -- or cheaply enough -- to offset those exploding Medicaid costs.

Come on, people. Open your wallets. Break that piggy bank. Have your credit cards ready.

After all, it's for a good cause -- the very survival of the Empire State!

To help Albany out in its time of dire need, we've established a hotline (for your "convenience," a $10 per minute fee will be charged) for donations to the state's coffers. [Sorry. No tax deduction here. Unless, of course, you consider this a misspelled donation to Hades.]

To donate, simply call 1-900-NY-NEEDS-CASH from any phone. A $100 donation (for which Governor Paterson and the members of the NYS Legislature thank you in advance) will be automatically charged to your phone bill. [NYS surcharges may apply.]

Watch your mail, and this blog, for other innovative pocket-picking schemes (oops. We mean charitable opportunities to give and give some more), such as DONUTS FOR DOUGH (a $10 Krispy Kreme coupon for every $25 donated to New York's General Fund); MOPTOPS FOR EDUCATION (two dollars out of your wallet for every one swept under the rug in Albany); and the ever-popular PENNIES FOR PATERSON (find a donation box at a homeless shelter near you).

Friends, this is your chance to shine, to stand up for New York, to give our State both a hand up and a hand out.

Could it be that New Yorkers themselves -- yes, We, the people -- will bailout our nearly bankrupt State? Hey, you never know...


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