Thursday, July 07, 2005

Credit to Candidate Clavin Where Credit is Due

In an age of boring, "been there, done that" elections, with their lackluster, cardboard-stiff candidates and virtually assured results, it is refreshing to see a campaign with a sense of humor, a sense of place and a sense of self.

Kudos to Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes, Don Clavin, who has literally put fun back on the campaign trail. With all the bells and whistles - not to mention the handcuffs - Clavin, who is seeking to unseat Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman, has launched a rather tongue-in-cheek website ( a blog, in fact) - - featuring, believe it or not, a lifesize cardboard placard of a body representing the Comptroller, atop which sits Weitzman's face.

Leaving to the politicos and the public the task of seperating fact from fiction, the tactic is ingenious and, face it, hilarious. Clavin has enlivened an otherwise dull campaign for a not particularly exciting office. Even Clavin's deadpan look as he stands with arm around the erzatz Weitzman is enough to generate a chuckle from the most diehard Dem.

Clearly, Clavin has the upper hand (and watch where you put that hand on the wooden Weitzman, Don) in this race for sheer knee-slapping, "in your face" theatrics, his adept use of cyberspace showing up his opponent's campaign which, thus far, hasn't left the keyboard.

Certainly, we are early on in this race - where Don Clavin would have to be characterized as the underdog. Still, the website's relatively good-natured, above-the-belt style makes for one hell of a ride along the Information Highway. "Have no fear. Bulldog Clavin is here!" :-)

NOTE TO HARVEY LEVINSON, CANDIDATE FOR TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD SUPERVISOR: Take a cue from Don Clavin and go for the cardboard Murray. That would be huge! Hey, at least you could hide behind Kate's smiling face when those angry Sanitary District Commissioners start hurling the tomatoes...


  1. Clavin does not allow comments on his site or else he would be asked about the number of young republicans "working" for him and are also full-time students.
    A FOIL of pay records could prove interesting.

  2. Nah, people wouldn't bother working in the Tax office.

    I mean, where's the profit? The kids could go work in Nassau County and make 65 bucks an hour, without even showing up to work!

    Howard Weitzman would bother them, the supervisors would just sign off on it, no questions.