Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Don't Call and You Don't Write? Good!

Cell Tell and Murray Mail In The News

As if unsolicited mail from the Town Supervisor wasn't enough, now we have to worry about - and pay for - telemarketers calling our cell phones.

That's right, cell phone numbers will soon be made available to those who pitch everything from chimney cleaning to aluminum siding - and don't forget those Real Estate agents who want to know if you plan on selling your house. Hey, if the price is right!

You can keep those unsolicited - and costly - calls from reaching your cell phone by registering your cell phone number with the Do Not Call Registry. Simply call 1-888-382-1222, or visit the Registry website at

As for that all too frequent - and costly - political banter from Town Hall (the stream has slowed to a trickle of late. Do you think they're getting the message?), you can place yourself on the NO-MURRAY-MAILGRAM List by logging on to

At the same time, you can become a "Citizen-Member*" of The Community Alliance, adding yourself to the ever-growing list of those who want to be in the know and on the go vis-a-vis quality of life issues that impact upon our Long Island. There are no dues to pay (as a Town of Hempstead resident, you've more than paid your dues), and the opportunity to join forces with the willing, to read the rants, the raves and the utterly ridiculous (or is it?) - and to offer commentary, ideas and rants of your own - is, well, priceless!

*The Community Alliance does not have "members," per se. We have friends. Okay, we have acquaintences. All right, so when they see us walking down the street they cross over to the other side. We can deal with that! :-)

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