Monday, July 18, 2005

How Much Did I Pay For That Broom?

Confusion and Disparity Over Tax Rates Are Order Of The Day At Sanitary Districts

Am I really paying that much more than my neighbors for trash collection?

Not only do the tax rates differ dramatically depending on who collects your garbage in the Town of Hempstead, there is even a disparity between what different homeowners pay within the same Sanitary District.

The comments posted to the recent blog []bear out the fact that tax rates vary not only by District but, it would seem, by neighborhood - and even by block.

Sanitary 2 Taxpayer said...
My vote is to eliminate the Sanitary Districts, combining services and personnel with TOH Sanitation.We are taxed to the limit in Hempstead Town, and for what, to support political cronnies and a bloated "local" government?Thanks for publicizing the reality of life in the Town of Hempstead, where "quality" isn't even part of the vernacular.
Thursday, July 14, 2005 1:28:45 PM

Anonymous said...
WHAT is EVERYONE'S tax rate for sanitation? IS mine HIGHER than yours vs. the Town's tax rate? I don't want to pay the Town's tax rate if it is higher than what I am paying. Please post the name of your community, what sanitary district you are in and what your assessed tax rate is. This way we can be objective here. Thanks. Inwood - Sanitary District 1. $11.945
Friday, July 15, 2005 10:41:48 AM

sanit 6er said...
Franklin Square - Sanitary District 6. $18.901
Friday, July 15, 2005 11:36:35 AM

happy with Town Trash said...
East Meadow - Town Refuse. $7.157. The sanitation services provided directly by the Town of Hempstead are just fine. We have the same garbage collection, recycling, yard waste pick up, etc. as those served by the so-called Special Districts. And who knew that we pay less than half the tax?Come on over to TOH Refuse Disposal - the trash is fine, and the tax rate is a heck of a lot better!
Friday, July 15, 2005 11:41:28 AM

disgruntleddistrict6homeowner said...
I live in West Hempstead District 6 and mine for the '04 tax year was $16.118. What's happening here is nothing short of an absolute sham. It's time for change. I'm sure there will be plenty of resistance from the establishment, but I say, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"
Friday, July 15, 2005 5:34:14 PM

Anonymous said...
Sanitation Rates in the Town of Hempstead District Rate (per $100 of assessed value)

#6 $18.901
#2 $17.472
#1 $12.584
#7 $9.649
#14 $5.957
TOH $8.880
Saturday, July 16, 2005 8:59:51 AM

Of course, if you live in a Special Sanitary District (as opposed to being serviced directly by Town of Hempstead Sanitation), you pay a tax for Town Refuse disposal, this in addition to the tax you pay for being in a Sanitary District of your own. In some instances, the effective tax rate per $100 of assessed value, is as high as $26.058. And you thought your garbage wasn't worth that much!

Where in the Town of Hempstead do you live and what is your Tax Rate for Sanitation? It's like the old broom at the cash register trick, where the cashier rings up the broom on your tab, even though you didn't buy the broom. The twist: Everyone pays a different price for that same broom!
- - -
Around The Sanitary Districts

The vote for Commissioner in Sanitary District 2 is drawing closer - Thursday, July 28th, 2 PM to 10 PM. Sanitary District 2 encompasses Baldwin, Roosevelt, South Hempstead and part of Uniondale.

If you live in Sanitary District 2 - or know someone who lives in Sanitary District 2 - get out the word. Every vote counts. And every vote to dismantle this inequitable and unfair system of costly patronage feifdoms is a vote to restore true local control to Town government.

Community advocate Laura Mallay is looking to unseat the machine-tooled Commissioner, and to eliminate this wasteful taxing jurisdiction, consolidating services with Town of Hempstead Sanitation.

The voting places for the Sanitary 2 elections are as follows:

Roosevelt (part Uniondale): Queen of the Most Holy Rosary - 196 West Centennial Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

Baldwin: Sanitary District #2 Headquarters - 2080 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, NY

South Hempstead: Covert School - 379 Willow Street, South Hempstead, NY

Tired of paying too much in taxes for garbage collection. Fed up with party politics? Do you really want to take back our Town and regain local control? You know what you have to do. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE! Vote to throw those self-serving, do nothing, no-show, tax-guzzling bums out!
- - -
In Sanitary District 6, covering Elmont, Franklin Square, Garden City South, Lakeview, Malverne Park, South Floral Park and West Hempstead, Petitions to run for Commissioner will be available at Sanit 6 Headquarters (80 Cherry Valley Avenue, West Hempstead) on Monday, July 25th. Care to toss your hat in the ring? Send a message to Town Hall - "We're mad as Hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!" Then vote (August 15th) and throw out that old, broken, tax-generating machine with yesterday's trash!


  1. taxed to death in sanit 6Monday, July 18, 2005 10:26:00 AM

    Elmont. Sanitary District 6. $19.305. How come I'm paying more than all you guys? Are they adding 1% to my tax bill because I'm a Registered Republican? "Give me TOH Sanitation, or give me debt!"

    I voted for Kate Murray the last time - and, sad to say, I voted for Gulotta too many times. No more. Let's give the other guy a chance at Town Hall. It could only get better!

  2. fed up in franklin squareMonday, July 18, 2005 2:35:00 PM

    Franklin Square. Sanitary 6. $20.125. Seems I'm paying more than anyone! Plus, I pay an additional $7.157 per $100 in assessed value for Town Refuse.

    We're being ripped off by the Town of Hempstead. I'd say. "Write to Kate Murray," but she'd probably write back - at my expense - telling me how lucky I am to live in a Sanitary District where I have local control!

    How is it these clowns keep getting elected?