Saturday, July 15, 2006

Are You Happy To See Me, Or Is That Prozac In The Water?

Just read Jennifer Smith's Newsday piece, The dirt on groundwater. My first reaction was, "Duh! Our water comes from below ground and there's all kinds of crap in it? Tell me something I don't already know..." Then I read on. "Caffeine, nicotine, Prozac -- all these things are starting to show up...," reports Smith.

Prozac? Now you've got my attention. Forget the bottled water, folks. Turn on the tap, put your mouth under the faucet, and drink to your heart's content. Boy, imagine how depressed and unhappy us Long Islanders would be if we didn't have Prozac in our water?

Now, if we could only get some Lipitor in there, all would be well, here above the aquifers!

It has been a rough couple of weeks at The Community Alliance blog. What with MTBE in the water (please don't adulterate my Prozac!), Nat Swergold mouthing off (proving yet again that the Town of Hempstead should institute mandatory retirement for the hopelessly brain dead), and all this talk of wind farms off of Jones Beach. [Hey, you need wind? Attach a turbine to the NYS legislature. There's enough hot air blowing from Albany to light up a thousand suns!]

Anyway, with all that's been going down on our Long Island, your blogger-in-chief has decided to blow this popcorn stand (What? No butter?) for calmer climes (I was thinking Beirut) for a week or so.

For those concerned about blog withdrawal, have no fear. We will pre-post an entire week's worth of blog material. Sort of like "Tomorrow's News Today," the mantra of the old Night Owl edition of the Daily News. [Unlike Long Island's main stream media, which typically brings us last week's news two weeks from now. Oh, oh. We've angered the press. There goes my free subscription to the Elmont Herald!]

While we're away -- sans either laptop or cell phone -- we'll be collecting Guest Blogs from the masses, with the goal of posting at least 2 such Guest Blogs every week during the dog days of August. [We have the feeling it is going to be a LOOOOOONG month...]

Enough of the potted plant, "let someone else do it," "what difference can I make" mentality. Add your voice to the choir and, at the very least, make some real noise out there. [After all, you can either take back your town, or let guys like Joe Candella run it into the ground for you. Your choice.]

So, check the batteries in your wireless mouse, look around town for what's wrong, what's right, and what could be, and start pounding that keyboard.

We know there's at least one blogpost in each of you (and you thought it was gas), and this is your opportunity to share your inner self with the world (Pat, zip up your fly!!!).

Remember, it takes unity to create community. And it takes lemons to make lemonade. Plenty of ice, too. Make mine pink.

Take care of our Long Island while this blogger is away. Don't forget to put your garbage out (in securely covered containers). And if you should be looking for the sunscreen, I've got it with me. [Hey, can somebody get my back?]

Onward, upward, and, for now at least, seaward!

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