Friday, July 21, 2006

Nominees Sought For TOH 'Make A Difference' Awards

Town of Hempstead Looks to Recognize Citizens' Contributions to Community

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and the town board have announced that nominations are now in order for the Town's 10th Annual "Make A Difference Awards."

Residents of the township, as nominated by their neighbors, will be recognized in the fall for service to their local community.

Does it help if you are a registered Republican, son or daughter of a registered Republican, recent donor to the GOP, and/or a past or present Republican Committeeman? Well, let's just say, it couldn't hurt! LOL

Levity aside, this prestigious accolade is doled out by the Town of Hempstead to spotlight those who go above and beyond in helping others, and in working to build a better community for all. A well deserved "thank you," if you will, for the few who selflessly serve the many.

"Our Make A Difference Award recipients have made a profoundly positive impact on the lives of others," said Supervisor Murray at last year's award ceremony at Town Hall. "While we can never hope to adequately repay these men and women for their efforts on behalf of those in need, we are honored to have this opportunity to thank them."

And here in Hempstead Town, we are all "in need." So there's plenty of room for good deed doers to do their good deeds, and certainly no better time or place to recognize those who, day in and day out, put community before self.

If someone you know has made a difference in your community, enjoys residency in the Town of Hempstead (at twice the going rate, or otherwise), and would welcome a photo op with Ms. Murray (and a Councilmember of his/her choice), send a bio and brief resume of this person's accomplishments to:

Town of Hempstead
10th Annual "Make A Difference" Awards
Town Hall
1 Washington Street
Hempstead, NY 11550

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