Monday, July 03, 2006

Around The Town's Sanitary Districts

Summertime, And You Think Collecting Garbage Is Easy?
[Or -- How Many Sanitary Districts Does It Take To Pick Up The Trash In Hempstead Town?]

Here's a quick tour at the various garbage collection units "at work" within the Town of Hempstead. [We'd post the respective collection schedules, but that would make your head spin!]

The following communities are served directly by the Town's Sanitation Department:
Barnum Isle-East Meadow-Merrick-South Westbury-Bay Park-Harbor Isle-North Lynbrook-Seaford-Bellmore-Levittown-Point Lookout-Uniondale-Bethpage-Lido Beach-Salisbury-Wantagh


Sanitary District 1 - Serving the Five Towns, Green Acres, Valley Streem South, and Inwood
(516) 239-5600
Board Meetings: 1st & last Wednesday each month
Upcoming Meetings: July 5th 5PM (cancelled); July 10th (after election); July 19th 6 PM
Next Election of Commissioners: July 10 6-10 pm
Number of houses serviced: 30,000
Total budget: $14.3 Million
105 employees
59 trucks

Sanitary District 2 - serving Baldwin, Roosevelt (part of Uniondale), and South Hempstead
(516) 223-3207
Board Meetings: 1st & last Wednesday each month
Upcoming Meetings: July 5th 5PM; July 19th
Next Election of Commissioners: July 27

Sanitary District 6 - Serving Elmont, Franklin Square, Garden City South, Lakeview, Malverne Park, South Floral Park, and West Hempstead
(516) 481-7110
Board Meetings: every 2 weeks
Upcoming Board Meetings: Wednesday, July 5th 5PM; Wednesday, July 19th

Sanitary District 7 - serving Oceanside
(516) 766-8700
Next Board Meeting: Thursday, August 3

Sanitary District 14 - serving East Atlantic Beach and Atlantic Beach Estates
(516) 239-0663 (answering machine)

INCORPORATED VILLAGES within the Town of Hempstead are responsible for the collection of refuse and recycling in the communities listed below. Contact the village for collection schedules and recycling information.


Atlantic Beach Village
(516) 371-4600
Bellerose Village
(516) 354-1000
East Rockaway Village
(516) 599-4211
Floral Park Village
(516) 326-6300
Freeport Village
(516) 378-4000
Garden City Village
(516) 742-5800
Hempstead Village
(516) 489-3400
Island Park Village
(516) 431-0600
Lynbrook Village
(516) 599-8300
Malverne Village
(516) 599-1200
Rockville Centre Village
(516) 766-0300
South Floral Park Village
(516) 352-8047
Stewart Manor Village
(516) 354-1800
Valley Stream Village
(516) 825-4200

Now, what day is bulk pick-up on YOUR block? [There will be a quiz Friday, so study up!]

Further information, including specifics as to elections (whenever and wherever they may be held in a Sanitary District near you), budgets, tax levies, and expenditures for steak dinners, to follow this report.

NOTE: ALL Sanitary District Board Meetings are open to the public. You pay the bills. Consider checking out how your property tax money is being spent!

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  1. Sanitation District No. 1 will be holding its annual election for
    Commissioners on Monday, July 10th from 6pm to 10pm. The Sanitation District includes all of Cedarhurst, Lawrence, Woodmere, North Woodmere, Hewlett, Inwood and a small part of Valley Stream and Lynbrook.. They operate with an annual budget of over $16 million of our property taxes.

    Inwood politicians have kept tight control over the Sanitation District with jobs, priveleges and perks to friends, family and supporters. Last year, the
    Sanitary District and its board gained notoriety for appealing to the courts to ensure that its annual election would take place as scheduled on a Friday night (in a district with a large number of orthodox jews who were therby excluded from being able to vote due to their religion).

    In a report on special districts issued by the County Comptroller in December, sanitation district 1 was used as an example of the lack of oversight and accountability that exist in these districts. An audit of district 1 was attempted but could not be completed because district officials "failed to cooperate sufficiently." Not only was there no cooperation with the audit, but a letter from the county comptroller demonstrates that the district "imposed
    multiple obstacles" to conducting an audit. Although unable to conduct a thorough audit, the preliminary audit findings uncovered numerous "questionable practices," and a "weak control environment." Other Sanitation Districts are able to provide the same level of service, including
    backdoor pick-up, at a fraction of the cost.

    The Sanitation Board consists of five Commissioners. One is elected each year and serves a five year term. This year, Jeremy Merrill, from Cedarhurst and a Director of Operations at the Weill Cornell
    Medical College, with extensive experience in institutional budgeting and management, is running to unseat Joseph Candella, a member of the entrenched Inwood political machine, who is now in his tenth year on the board. The Board administers its own lections and will be holding them at
    the district offices (1 Bay Boulevard in Lawrence - behind Costco) on Monday July 10th, from 6pm to 10pm. Information on the elections and the Sanitation
    District can be found at