Friday, July 14, 2006

Listen To The Voices Of Community

With Town of Hempstead Sanitary District 2 Elections on the Horizon, Community Activist Speaks Out in Favor of Change

My name is Laura Mallay, and I ran for Commissioner in Sanitary District #2 in July of 2005. Although I was defeated, the election itself was a tremendous success. Over 600 people heard my message loud and clear. The residents of Sanitation District #2 are being overtaxed for services. We are paying almost twice the amount of money for the same quality of service that the majority of the residents of Nassau County receive. At a time when people are leaving Long Island in droves, this is unacceptable.

As taxpayers it is our duty to start paying attention to the issues and the election of these Sanitation Commissioners. Many people do not realize the impact that these Commissioner positions have on our wallets. These "special districts" were set up in the 1930s to provide the residents with a local form of government. Unfortunately, they have manifested into patronage clubs that benefit the few as opposed to the many.

I and many other concerned citizens have banded together to form a group called Residents for Efficient Special Districts (RESD). For the last year, we have been working together to find solutions to this problem.

We will continue our fight, but we need your help.

I urge all taxpayers in Sanitation District #2 to vote on Thursday, July 27, 2006, for the Sanitation Commissioner position. Please cast your vote for Wilhemina Funderburke and give the taxpayers a voice on the Board of Commissioners of Sanitation District #2.

Mrs. Funderburke has been a member of RESD since it's inception. She will fight to curb the overspending and the "spend it while we've got it" mentality that exists within our sanitary district right now.

Please stand up for your rights as taxpayers. Don't allow yourselves to be manipulated and intimidated into believing that change will leave our district under-serviced. It is time to stop the madness of allowing ourselves to be taxed out of our homes!
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Right you are, Laura. "Local control" begins with you, the voters. Get out there and let your voices be heard!

Did you say "Efficient Special Districts?" Isn't that an oxymoron? Oh well. We suppose you have to start somewhere. :-)

Click HERE to read Nassau County Comptroller's Audit Report for SD2
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RESD is a grassroots organization comprising local civic leaders from across the Town of Hempstead who are dedicated to making our Special Taxing Districts more efficient in the way they spend our TAX DOLLARS. RESD can be reached at

On Thursday July 27th, there will be an Election for Commissioner of Sanitary District # 2. RESD is Supporting Wilhelmina Funderburke for Commissioner.

Why Wilhelmina Funderburke?

She Has Experience & Gets Things Done
· 40 year resident of Roosevelt
· 25 years management experience at Nassau Downs OTB
· 15 years of Community Advocacy
· 15 Years on the Board of Long Island Youth Foundation
· Old Westbury BS Business Administration

She's a Resident-Taxpayer Like YOU, not an Insider
· Mother of 3 children and 6 grandchildren raised in the community
· Call Wilhelmina, she answers the phone
· Ask Wilhelmina a question, she gets you an answer
· Bring Wilhelmina a problem, she gets you a solution
· Give Wilhelmina a dime, she makes it count twice before leaving
· She owns her own home and pays property taxes like most of us. HER opponent does not.

On Thursday, July 27th COME OUT & VOTE!
How long will you be able to pay your ever increasing property taxes?

Voting will take place from 2-10 pm at:

Sanitary District # 2 headquarters, 2080 Grand Avenue, Baldwin
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, 197 W. Centennial Ave, Roosevelt
Covert Elementary School, 379 Willow Street, South Hempstead

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