Monday, July 24, 2006

The Man Who Would Beat King

Nassau County Legislator David Mejias Aims Slingshot At An Angry Goliath

Can an upset of Peter King -- the Congressional answer to burning witches at the stake if they float, and saying "oh well" if they drown -- be in the making?

We can only hope!

Our friends at the Long Island Press give a frank and compelling portrayal of Dave Mejias as he embarks on the race of a lifetime -- challenging the very nemesis of democracy, Congressman Peter King. [Click HERE to read, The Next King?]

Forget about King's view that the First Amendment is but a mere recommendation, or that the King treats constituents -- particularly those who question him on the issues -- worse than peasants. If we needed a single reason to support Mejias for Congress, we got one -- Gary DelaRaba (pronounced Dela Robber), the President of the Nassau PBA, endorses Pete King.

Les Payne of Newsday recently took a stab a Peter King, calling him out on his vocal opposition to a free press in America, and admonishing, in the strongest terms, "For his outrages, King should be marched to the blackboard and made to write 500 times the following excerpt from the First Amendment: 'Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom ... of the press.'" [Click HERE to read, Rep. King tries to terrorize the press.]

We've certainly been no fan of Peter King here at The Community Alliance -- and we have quite a few nasty e-mails in our archives to show for it. Shame, 'cause King is such a congenial fellow, and a leader in the forefront of the fight to preserve our liberties and protect individual rights.

While King chairs the Homeland Security Committee (read as, America's answer to the Keystone Cops) in the House, we see him more comfortable chairing the House Committee on Un-American Activities. After all, Joseph McCarthy had nothing on good old Pete King.

Dave Mejias has an uphill climb before him, to be sure. Still, to those who understand that you do not protect the freedoms of Americans, or defend and promote those freedoms around the globe, by either stomping on civil liberties or putting the press on ice, the choice in New York's 3rd CD is clear.

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