Monday, September 24, 2007

The Community Alliance Blog Passes Milestone

Or Was That A Kidney Stone?

600th Blogpost On The Quality Of Life Web Log

They said it couldn't be done. It Wouldn't last. No One would read.

Yet, here we are, more than two years and 600+ blogposts later, still dropping jaws, pulling legs -- but no punches -- and keeping the politicos, from Town Hall to State Street, on their toes, eyes wide open.

Surely, this will merit the blog an award from the Long Island Press. We have to be "The Best of..." something.

Damn you, Robbie Woliver!

Okay. If we're still writing, and you're still reading, we must be doing something right. Then again, it could just be that all those government officials we harp on daily just can't seem to get it right.

Either way, we thank you for making The Community Alliance blog the most irreverant -- though never irrelevant -- blog on Long Island.

When it comes to looking out for your quality of life, we blog, you decide.

Hey, its your Long Island, after all. Blog on!

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