Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Wright Is Wrong

Gerald Wright's Campaign Posters On Utility Poles Send Wrong Message

We've all seen them. The placards that adorn the sides of buildings, fences (typically surrounding abandoned property), and public utility poles.


Nothing unusual -- althoungh nonetheless unlawful -- here.

Still, it irks us when we see Gerald Wright, who is seeking election as a County Court Judge, tacking his illegally posted signs to utility poles along major thoroughfares in Hempstead Town.

You see, not only should Mr. Wright be held to a higher standard because of the position he's seeks [he's running for a judgeship, damn it], he also happens to be the Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Hempstead -- the folks who are supposed to protect us good citizens from unlawful, unsightly, and improperly placed signage that stands in violation of the Town's Building Code.]

To be fair, neither Mr. Wright nor the Town of Hempstead have been particularly adept at removing illegal signs -- with the notable exception of postings made by Democrats during the fall election season. And yet, shouldn't Mr. Wright, who, presumably, will take an oath to uphold and administer the law should he win election to County Court, be more sensitive to the very codes that the body he chairs is required to enforce?

See no evil. Hear No evil. Do no evil. Well, scratch the last one.

Gerald Wright has the chance to right his wrong, now, some six weeks before election day. Until such time as he shall do so -- if ever -- we must proclaim the Wright is the wrong man for the job!

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