Monday, September 24, 2007

No Schmitt!

Peter Schmitt, In Glass House, Casts More Stones

Our friends at Nassau GOP watch have caught Nassau County Legislator Peter Schmitt up to his old "do as I say, not as I do" tricks.

The story, as told by John Rennhack, goes something like this:

Schmitt raises some righteous indignation on News12 about the PROPOSED raises for the County Executive, Assessor, DA, and Clerk.

Schmitt practically screams at Scott Feldman, "You don't try and sneak it in the middle of the night without any public scrutiny or without any public debate or public discussion. He should know better."

What the hell is Schmitt talking about? Seriously.

Nothing is being "snuck in" because Schmitt, as a legislator, has to READ the budget proposal and thenVOTE yes or no.

Schmitt is just plain LYING when he says there won't be "public debate or public discussion."

That is what the LEGISLATURE will be doing before they vote in the budget proposal.

I'm going to try to help Schmitt here...

Step 1. Suozzi sends budget proposal to theLegislature.

Step 2. The Legislature (which includes Schmitt) wil lread the budget.

Step 3. The Legislature (again which includes Schmitt) will have a public hearing on the budget.

Step 4. The Legislature (still including Schmitt) will VOTE on the budget.

Nowhere in there is Suozzi sneaking in raises "in the middle of the night" or "without any public scrutiny or without any public debate or public discussion."

It is up to the LEGISLATURE to approve or deny the raises.That is how it works.To use Schmitts own words, Schmitt "should know better."

Schmitt is hoping that he can fool Nassau residents into thinking that the raises are a done deal and no one can object to them.Why does Schmitt think Nassau residents are stupid?
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Click HERE to view Schmitt's News12 tirade via the Nassau GOP Watch.

For the record, John Rennhack is challenging Peter Schmitt for Schmitt's seat in the Nassau County Legislature. [Better have that seat fumigated if you win, John!]

John maintains the Nassau GOP Watch as well as the Peter Schmitt Watch and the Peter King Watch.

You can visit John Rennhack's own campaign website at or at myspace.

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