Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enough Already?

Who Said?

We complain like the dickens about property taxes, fee and fare increases, cuts to schools, health care, transportation and infrastructure, and yet, we keep sending the same folks back to Albany, year after year after year.

Are you sure we've had enough?

Add yet another Internet portal to the host of websites, blogs, tweets, and Facebook pages where we, the people, can log our grievances against high taxes, inefficient government, and ineffective leadership.

EnoughAlreadyNY.org, a campaign founded by the Business Council of New York State (itself a conglomeration of special interests), presents NYers with a new place to gripe, grieve, and ventilate (hyper and otherwise).

So go ahead. Add your voices of discontent to the fray. Pay no mind to the fact that your words fall upon deaf ears, in Albany, at the county seat, in town hall, at the special taxing districts, and on school boards all across Long Island.

You hold in your hands, fellow New Yorkers, the power to change everything. Not by mouse-click or keyboard, but rather, by that four letter work that strikes fear in the heart of every elected official -- VOTE!

Come on, now. Tell your story. Contact your elected "representatives" (we use that word loosely). Send your message. Just remember your words when deeds count, in November.

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