Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Re-Creating More Than Communities

New Careeers In A Changing Economy

As we re-create suburbia -- how we see it, shape it, live it -- we also need to re-think the directions our own lives, and, in some cases, careers, are headed.

By choice, by happenstance, by design, we must reinvent not only the suburban landscape, but ourselves as well.
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From our good friends at the Long Island Breakfast Club:



Speaker: Bio: Marc Miller, Ph.D.
“ What do I really want to be when I grow up? The time to "ReCareer" is now!”

Marc Miller, Ph.D., the Director of MLM Coaching & Consulting, LLC, has 30 years of professional experience helping people examine how their behavior patterns and communication styles affect their personal and professional performance, relationships, and life satisfaction, and effectively helping them and their organizations make positive changes. As a life coach and career coach, Marc specializes in helping his clients recognize how they can best match their unique talents and strengths with their dreams for a more fulfilling and meaningful career and personal life. As an executive coach, he helps business professionals achieve greater personal satisfaction as well as job success, as he recognizes that for today's executive and professional workforce, success is measured not only in terms of money earned: it is also important to feel that your work is valued, brings a sense of meaning and purpose, and must be balanced with your life outside of work. As a management consultant, Marc helps organizational leaders increase productivity, employee retention, and profitability by better understanding how to motivate and engage their employees.

Marc has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Adelphi University , and a Professional Coaching Certificate from the Professional Coaching Program at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College . Marc is a Certified ReCareer© Coach. In addition, he is the Membership Director of the Long Island Coaching Alliance, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

The painful process of looking for work is eased by joining the Spirited Group of the Long Island Breakfast club. They Meet They Eat and They Seek! FEEL YOUR OATS NOT YOUR FLAKES! You’ve had dozens of interviews for jobs you would take as a gift. You’ve seen a career counselor to validate your strategy. You’ve followed the best advice culled from recent job-hunting venues! Net Result: The process, especially lead generation is too slow. One person however motivated can turn up only one lead at a time when it comes to job hunting, business leads or contacts. You are feeling like you will lose your mind! Stress No More..

The Long Island Breakfast Club was founded in 2006, an organization providing advocacy, support, career and employment counseling, referrals and good old-fashioned laughter to prepare experienced mature individuals for productive employment. Counted among the membership are women and men who have recently been downsized and looking for support to continue positive reinforcement to gain employment back in the corporate world. Membership is encouraged for any individuals who need the extra support to continue momentum in searching for jobs in the mid-life years.

About The Long Island Breakfast Club
This organization provides advocacy, support, career and employment counseling and referrals to prepare mature individuals for productive employment. To register email vjanek@optonline.net

For more information visit www.longislandbreakfastclub.org

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