Friday, April 30, 2010

An Urgent Appeal For Green

From The Folks Who Help Keep Long Island Green

Our good friends at the Long Island Neighborhood Network, the very people who introduced organic landscaping to the Island, are seeing less green these days -- and not only on lawns and in open spaces.

Yes, times are tough all over, but if we want to keep our drinking water safe and the air we breathe clean, we need the Neighborhood Network to frame the issues, plant the seeds (literally and figuratively), and take up the many causes of green living.

Hey, they do it for us, day in and day out. Now's the chance to do something for them. In helping Heighborhood Network, in a very real sense, we truly help ourselves!
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From Neighborhood Network:

Dear Friend of the Neighborhood Network,

Here on Long Island we face issues that are distinct from much of the rest of New York State and the nation. The Neighborhood Network is the only multi-issue environmental organization with a membership and mission that is focused on Long Island as a region. Generous support from our members and sponsors allows us to set an ambitious agenda for protecting Long Island's environment. See the sidebar to the right to get a sense of some of our recent accomplishments. I would like to ask you to consider making a contribution today to support the Neighborhood Network in our mission to protect Long Island’s vital natural resources.

When the Neighborhood Network started in 1984, we gained new members and supporters, and informed Long Island communities to important environmental issues by going door to door. It gave us the opportunity to make real one to one connections, have dialogues with members of the community, and build a strong network of informed, active supporters. Twenty-six years later, we are still committed to networking with individual Long Islanders to build the clout we need to make positive change.

New technology has given us greater opportunities to communicate with our members and supporters. Email, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can allow us to get our message out and get feedback more quickly, to more people and at a fraction of the cost. But we still need your support to continue the research, public education and advocacy we are engaged in every day to protect Long Island's environment. We are asking members and supporters who receive our eUpdates to make a special contribution today, to help us continue this vital mission.

Our goal is to increase our network of environmentally aware, engaged citizens and consumers, and to grow that network into a movement that demands change. To transform Long Island into a national leader in adopting sound environmental policy and demanding sustainable products and services.

Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the protection of Long Island’s environment and natural resources. We would like to ask that you take a moment now to make a secure online contribution at Giving online helps us greatly reduce our fundraising expenses and allows us to devote more of your contribution to the program efforts of the Neighborhood Network.

If you would prefer not to contribute online, you can mail a check to:

Neighborhood Network
7180 Republic Airport
Farmingdale, NY 11735
or call us at 631-963-5454 to give by credit card over the phone.

Please let us know if there is any additional information you would like about the Neighborhood Network’s agenda. We hope to hear from you soon.

Networking together, we can protect the environment.

Thank you,
Demosthenes Maratos
Program Director


  1. Thanks for helping get the word out.

    Anyone who is interested can also become a fan of the Neighborhood Network on Facebook.

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