Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

As Are New York's Bridges

Chicken Little may have been afoul in crying wolf, but here in New York, our bridges and roadways are, indeed, on the verge of falling.

In the land where all that is of significance -- and even more which is not -- takes to the Internet, the dismal state of New York's infrastructure now takes center stage at

Okay, so the website is brought to you by the very folks who build those bridges -- the Associated General Contractors [much like "say no to the soda tax" is sponsored by the beverage manufacturers and bottlers] -- but hey, have you taken a ride over any of New York's bridges lately?

As if the potholes in our streets and highways weren't awful enough (anybody need a hubcap?), too many of our State's bridges are not only torture to drive over, they're downright dangerous.

According to the website, considered "deficient and in need of repair" are "6,470 bridges across New York State. Of the bridges deemed 'deficient,' 163 bridges received a rating the same or lower than the Crown Point Bridge (3.375) that was deemed unsafe and blown up in December." [Check out the most dangerous bridges in New York.]

Phew! Are we lucky they never built that bridge over Long Island Sound, or what?

In Nassau and Suffolk counties, most of the bridges are deemed "safe," with none designated as "very dangerous." [Not to worry. They're working on it!]

As for the other bridges in New York, in danger, if not of collapsing outright, then certainly of causing considerable damage to your automobile, proponents of their repair or replacement suggest that We, the People, take action, contacting our State representatives, and urging them to support the NYS Department of Transportation's Infrastructure Reinvestment Plan.

With the State's deficit now at more than $8 billion, and growing, one may ask where the money to rebuild these bridges will come from? [The soda tax is already spoken for.]

We suppose we shall cross that bridge, if at all, when it falls beneath us into the abyss.

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