Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Brooks Floats

Assembly Candidate Hopes To Stem The Tide In Albany

Well, the election season is officially upon us, with just one month to go before the big day.

Every seat in the New York State Legislature is up for grabs, including that of the 19th Assembly District, now occupied by veteran Assemblymember David McDonough.

Here's a press release from Democratic candidate John Brooks, who is hoping to wrench the 19th AD from the hands of the GOP.

An upstream battle for Brooks? Perhaps.

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John Brooks - Assembly Candidate for the 19th AD Proposes Real Solutions

Brooks states some of his campaign issues

Seaford, NY - John Brooks is a New York State Assembly Candidate who is campaigning day and night to represent the people of the 19th Assembly District. Brooks helped Nassau County save millions of dollars when he chaired a health insurance task force. Candidate Brooks, recently announced some of his campaigns core issues.

“I am seeking to become an Assembly Member who will represent the people and not a special interest or a political party,” said Brooks. “I am a candidate with real solutions, and a suburban resident who has had enough with high taxes. When elected I will fight to make Albany work for the people,” said Brooks.

Fix the dysfunction in Albany:

It is no secret that our State Capitol is a mess. I am not going to point fingers at a person, but rather the entire system. Together, we can fix Albany! I propose, creating term limits for all State Senators, Assembly Members, and state officials. We need to cap state spending; this year’s increase of 7% is unacceptable. I propose opening the state budget process to allow more transparency and oversight. I propose ending all unfounded state mandates. I propose increased transparency on the giving and distribution of member items.

Fight the MTA TAX & LI Bus Cuts:

The MTA tax is a job’s killer, and the LI bus cuts hurt all Long Islanders. We can no longer allow the MTA to abuse Long Islanders. I am in support of reforming and/or eliminating the current MTA. When elected to the Assembly, I will fight to repeal the MTA tax. When elected I will work towards developing a state master transportation plan.

Protect Suburbia:

Long Island is my home, and has been my families’ home for centuries. My lineage (Verity and Southard) dates back to the early 1600’s. I understand suburbia, and the needs of the suburban family. As a Democrat, I would be apart of the majority in the State Assembly, and therefore would caucus with other Democrats in conference. This would allow me to bring attention to suburban needs. As a Long Islander, I will work with members from other suburban regions regardless of political affiliation and form a suburban committee. This committee would work towards solving problems and creating solutions for the suburban family and individual. In addition I will propose and pass legislation to address the broken assessment problem.

Create jobs with a solar panel school program:

Long Island needs jobs. To many talented people have left Long Island for greener pastures. We can stop the exodus, but only if there is work on Long Island. Solar technology is a solution. I am proposing we install solar roofs on all of the schools here on Long Island. We have a company that has developed a new solar panel that can serve as the roof of a school. If we can get a green light on this program they will establish their world headquarters right here on Long Island and hire 150 employees to manufacture these panels. This program will allow our school buildings to produce most of the electric they need to run the building, reducing energy costs, which will reduce your taxes. Additional jobs will be created for people to install these new roofs. Its time we start to get smart with the way taxpayer’s money is spent. This program will create jobs, reduce costs and reduce taxes. Because these new panels will be produced in large volume they will be produce for less and make home solar panel more affordable as well.

“We have seen New York go from the Empire State to the Vampire State as Albany sucks every penny, nickel and dime from our pockets by a tax or a fee. Albany has to learn to live within its means and those who go to Albany need to represent your needs not those of a political party or a special interest group.”

“New York is the greatest state in the union, and its best days are ahead of us and not behind.” “I want to represent the 19th Assembly District, and I am asking every registered voter for their vote.” “I am not concerned with party, only people,” Brooks concluded.

John Brooks* is the Democratic Candidate for the 19th Assembly District. The District includes Seaford, Wantagh, Bellmore, Merrick, and parts of Freeport, Baldwin, Levittown, East Meadow, North Merrick and North Bellmore. John Brooks a past Chief and active member of the Seaford Fire Department, the Seaford Historical Society, a former member of the Seaford Board of Education, a veteran of the U.S Army, and was the First Director of Risk Management for Nassau County. He resides in Seaford and has one son.

To learn more about John Brooks, email the campaign at elect.brooks@gmail.com.
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*John Brooks was also the 11th Governor of Massachusetts, 1816-1823. Talk about longevity! ;~)
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The publication of this material is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as either a verification of content or an endorsement of the candidate.


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