Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Enemies of the People

The "How'm I Doing" Kid Is Making A List -- Or Two

And here you thought that only tricky Dick Nixon kept an Enemies List.

No sir. Former NYC Mayor and perennial gadfly, Ed Koch, has an Enemies List -- and a Heroes List, as well.

The Lists are all based on who signed -- and who did not sign -- Ed's "pledge" at NY Uprising, a grassroots (and whoever may be smoking it) campaign to "target the enemies of reform."

Yes, it may be difficult to tell the heroes from the enemies -- and based solely on the signing of a pledge to "reform" Albany. [Who absconded with the pen filled with disappearing ink? Pedro Espada?] After all, yesterday's "heroes" are today's legislators. And where has that left us here in New York?

According to Ed, Long Island has its share of heroes, and more than a few Long Island enemies.

Interestingly, Gubernatorial candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino both make the Koch Heroes List, as do the respective major party candidates for Attorney General and State Comptroller.

My, my. How does one decide between heroes? And if politics makes strange bedfellows, what do pledges, heroes' lists, and enemies' lists make? Good press, we suppose. . .

Maybe it's not so much about "enemies" when it comes to cleaning up Albany, but rather, as former United States Senator Alphonse D'Amato once alluded to vis-a-vis cleaning out Hempstead Town hall, "enemas." [As in, "It would take an enema to clean that place out!"]

And to think, Mr. D'Amato didn't need either a pledge or a list to figure that one out!
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"I am not politically correct, and I don't want to be." GOP Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino

Why include the word "politically" in that statement, Carl? ;~)
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