Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Albany A Mess?

Did The Little Piggy Cry Wee, Wee, Wee All The Way Home?

From the camp of Patrick Nicolosi, Candidate for NYS Assembly:

There's no disputing that Albany is a mess. The question is who do we trust to fix it? The residents of the 21st Assembly District which includes West Hempstead,Franklin Square, Elmont, Floral Park, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor, North Valley Stream and parts Valley Stream, New Hyde Park, Malverne and Garden City have a choice between 2 candidates who have two completely different backgrounds.

The Republican machine has nominated someone to run for Assembly from their Town of Hempstead nepotism and patronage mill. This machine chose a candidate who does not own property in this district, nor has he paid a dime in property taxes, either. How can the 28 year old son of an influential Town of Hempstead political insider, who hasn't paid property taxes in his life, possibly identify with the voters of this district? How can he possibly understand or sympathize with the everyday struggles residents in this district go through year after year just to pay our bills and keep a roof over our family's heads? Strike 1.

Next, we discover he recently got a job in the Town attorney's office. How was he able to find a job in this economy anyway? While our children are out of work and struggling to find any job they can find, all he had to do was call his influential father, and magically a cushy job in the Town attorney's office was created for him. And we expect this candidate to bring home the bacon to this district? He's never had to bring anything home up until now except himself. What makes anyone think this job will be any different for him? Win, lose or draw in this election, the Republican candidate will have a secure job to go to the day after the election no matter what happens November 2nd. Strike 2.

Even worse, during the debates, he could not articulate one coherent or concrete thought of how he would address the real problems affecting this district, specifically property taxes and jobs. His responses were awkward, jumbled and full of political cliches we've heard a million times before. It's clear Republicans actually do view this Assembly seat as an entry level position, and this candidate would be going to Albany just to fill-out time. So in a couple of years if we make the mistake of sending him there, his influential father will find him someplace else better to work (we suspect somewhere in the friendly confines of the Town of Hempstead). Strike 3 and he's out.

Contrast this with Pat Nicolosi, whose paid his dues in life and has earned his community stripes over decades of participation and service to this diverse Assembly district. Pat has a unique universal appeal where he identifies with everyone from a blue collar worker who brings a lunch bucket to work, to a white collar executive who only eats on fine table cloth. Pat's stood with the residents of West Hempstead as they fought the Town of Hempstead at the Courtesy Hotel fiasco, stood by the residents of Elmont as they continue to fight for economic development in their community, and has stood by all residents of this district as he continues to demand efficiency in all levels of government, including our local special taxing districts.

Pat has also gained the reputation of being a strong fiscal watchdog over government spending and has consistently advocated for the creation of private-sector jobs and sustainable economic development in our district. In his first year as a Board Member of the Elmont Library, he was able to achieve a 0% tax increase, with a 0% spending increase, all while keeping existing programs and services at this great facility untouched.

Pat's record of independence is second to none. He has brought together Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and Independents to work together on a host of issues facing this community no matter what their party affiliation or political background was. With so much at stake in this election, how can we trust this Assembly seat to anyone but Pat Nicolosi.
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  1. Mr. Nicolosi is the consensus pick in this Assembly race. Albany is undeniably a mess, and the timing appears ripe for someone like him to go there and shake things up.

    Losing Tom Alfano is a big loss to this community, but with Nicolosi, this district doesn't skip a beat.