Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Good (Affordable Housing) Start

Six New Homes To Be Built By Town In Roosevelt

The Town of Hempstead has built approximately 200 single family homes under its Affordable Homes Program. 17 have been constructed, and sold by lottery, in the unincorporated area of Roosevelt, NY. 6 additional homes are slated to be built under the next phase of the program.

All good.

Better than good -- particularly in a region where the need for affordable housing is so great, and availability is virtually nil -- would be affordable apartment-style housing units (both rental and sale), to complement the resurgence of "Downtown."

The vital mix of commercial, residential and recreational space along -- and above -- "Main Street" would go a long way in relieving Long Island's housing crunch, as well as stemming the rip tide created by the perfect storm of high cost of living, few job opportunities, and little in the way of truly affordable housing, that is pulling our college grads and young workforce out of the area.

Kudos to the Town of Hempstead, for revitalizing Roosevelt's infrastructure and for thinking affordable on the housing front.

Now, the time has come for Hempstead Town officials to begin to think vertical, accepting the notion that density, particularly in "downtown" areas, is a necessary, and perhaps even beneficial means to a thriving, sustainable suburbia.
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From The Town of Hempstead:

Hempstead Town Begins Latest Phase of Affordable Homes

Continuing their quest to provide affordable housing opportunities to area residents, Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby recently commenced the latest phase of the Town's Affordable Homes program in Roosevelt. At a Town Board meeting on October 5th, six parcels of vacant land in Roosevelt were conveyed to Anray Custom Builders, Inc. for the construction of affordable, single-family homes.

"These homes are an integral part of our efforts to make the future of the Roosevelt community even brighter," Murray said. "From first-time homeowners grappling with the cost of purchasing a house to mature residents challenged by the cost of living, Hempstead Town's Affordable Homes Program is helping people to stay in our community."

The six recently conveyed sites comprise Phase 12 of the Town's Affordable Homes program. Hempstead Town has built over 200 affordable homes, including many in the Roosevelt community. Since 2008, 17 affordable homes in Roosevelt have been sold. Construction is scheduled to begin on the Phase 12 homes in early November, with a lottery to follow shortly thereafter to determine the recipients of each of the six homes.

"With the rising cost of living on Long Island, it is imperative that we help to make the dream of homeownership a reality for our community's residents," Councilwoman Goosby said.

Although the homes are affordably priced at $160,000, they are built to a very high standard and feature abundant amenities. The homes will include 1,500 square feet of living space with kitchens, dining rooms, 1 ? baths, three bedrooms and a garage.

"These are beautiful homes of a very high quality," Murray stated. "With a great new home that's also affordable, more families will be able to grow up in Roosevelt and enrich our community," Goosby added.

Owners in the Affordable Homes Program only realize a portion of the profits that they would normally reap if they resell their house within the first ten years. This mechanism is designed to combat profiteering and promote community pride.

The affordable homes are one of many town-led efforts to revitalize the Roosevelt community. Earlier this year, the Town conveyed a property in Roosevelt to Habitat for Humanity for one dollar to create an additional affordable home in the community. The town also arranged for the Nassau Health Care Corporation to bring much-needed medical services and jobs to Roosevelt at 380 Nassau Road after Murray and Goosby turned the vacant site into a beautiful office building that will greatly contribute to Roosevelt's commercial growth.

Additionally, Hempstead Town provided funding for a day care center at the Roosevelt American Legion Post and added a village green with a clock tower, trees, shrubbery and decorative benches to the corner of the Western Beef shopping center. With assistance from the town, a new financial institution, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, now serves Roosevelt residents.

"Aligned with our vision for an even better Roosevelt community, the affordable homes are a welcome addition to the town," Murray concluded. "Not only do they help families to realize the American dream, but they also foster a sense of pride that enriches the local community."

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