Friday, January 05, 2007

If You Can't Beat Them. . .

. . .Become them!

The Community Alliance to form "shadow" government -- NOT the Town of Hempstead seeks nominations for NOT the Supervisor, NOT the Town Board, NOT the Commissioners, and NOT the Committeemen. Interested citizens may inquire within. . .

Since we're all still here in the good old Town of Hempstead (where ancient elephants go to die, but are nevertheless kept alive on life support), we can't very well establish a government in exile. [This notwithstanding the fact that many a TOH resident, paticularly those who hail from the so-called "unincorporated" (read as "abandoned") areas of the township, often feel like refugees in our own township.]

We can, however, "shadow" the Town of Hempstead government -- from bonding to budgeting, sanitation to street paving, press release to publicity stunt -- in a virtual way, providing residents if not an alternative local government (we do not set tax rates or collect taxes in NOT the Town of Hempstead), then certainly a means to measure the efficiency and responsiveness of what passes in these parts for local government.

Call it "the conscience of the Town of Hempstead," if you will, or simply a good way to keep tabs on what's hot and what's not at Hempstead Town Hall.

We've come not to mock Town government, but to create a mock Town government! Give us the chance to do better. [Surely, we couldn't do any worse. . .]

First order of business: Nominations for "elected" officials -- NOT the Supervisor, NOT the Town Board, NOT the Town Clerk, and NOT the Receiver of Taxes. Interested in "taking on the Town?" Good for you! Send nominations together with qualifications (self-nominations most welcome) to [Kick-backs and pay-offs will be collected later. . .]

We're also looking for someone to set up and maintain the NOT the Town of Hempstead website, as well as a willing soul to serve as the official NOT the Town of Hempstead spokesperson.

This is YOUR opportunity to take charge of the future of your township and to run (hopefully, not into the ground) the Town of Hempstead -- or NOT!

Remember, community is NOT a spectator sport. Be involved in your hometown!


  1. I want the position of not. We have alot of do nothings. If I were elected, no scratch that, if I was apointed to the postion of not, we would still have the open hotel and growing illegal apartments. Hey wait! we have all of that. Maybe we should create a position of WHY NOT.

  2. Pat, without question, you'd be the best darn NOT that NOT the Town of Hempstead could ever hope for.

    After all, you've been all NOT for Elmont for all these years, particularly on the NOT east end of town. And as for letter writing, why, they're considering publishing a new local paper -- NOT the Elmont Herald. Would you consider the post of NOT the Editor? :-)

    Keep those nominations coming, folks. NOT the Town of Hempstead needs YOU!