Friday, January 12, 2007

What A Long, Strange Trip It Is

Making our world -- and Nassau County -- safe for democracy!

It was announced this week that every cruiser in the Nassau County Police Department's fleet will be equipped with a GPS system, making it much easier for the cop on the beat to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts!

The Town of Hempstead's in the news again. . . Not a great week for Kate & Company.

First it was that scathing report from the Comptroller's office lambasting those pesky Sanitation Districts. [We know, Kate, we know. You "have no control" over those entitites, Town moniker and required passage of the district's budgets by the Town Board notwithstanding...]

Then, it was Governor Spitzer, vowing to take on the Special Districts, bloated with patronage and costing the taxpayer far in excess of their intrinsic worth.

And now, its the attack of the clones. A plot to seed the earth with dopplegangers from the world according to GOP.

Where will it lead? Where will it end? Did you remember to put the recycling bin at the curb last night?

Only The Community Alliance blog knows -- and maybe we'll tell you, or maybe we won't. . .

THIS JUST IN: Former president Gerald Ford is still dead. The only man to serve as president not to have been elected as either president or vice president, is also the only president to have memorial and funeral services that lasted longer than his actual term of office. Think about it!

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Make the dream a reality. Become involved in your community, and help build a better world. [Should that fail, just put in a call for more troops. . .]

May the farce, and the spirit of community, be with you!

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