Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Warning To The Special Taxing Districts

The Eyes Of Community Are Upon You!

Whether you reside within a Sanitary District, have a friend or relative who resides within a Sanitary District, or have every thought about taking up residence within a Sanitary District, this blogpost is for YOU!

Residents for Efficient Special Districts, a non-partisan, not for profit civic organization devoted to advocating for the most efficient and effective provision of Fire, Sanitation, and Water services within the Town of Hempstead, is taking up the cause on your behalf, keeping a keen eye on the happenings of those pesky, costly, and outrageously inefficient Special Districts.

And now, with their community-oriented website up and running on the web -- www.resd.info -- you, the taxpayer, can stay informed as well as get involved.

Read the latest reports and audits. Get the inside track on how the Special Districts operate, how they tax, what they're spending your money on, and who's running the show for whose benefit.

Then, you can get involved -- actually participate in the process. This is your opportunity to not only "read all about it" -- from the financial abuses to the humorous anecdotes -- but to do something about it. Maybe some of you will even step up an run for Commissioner!

These invisible taxing jurisdictions continue to eat us out of house and home, picking pockets under guise of prudently providing essential services, for which we all are paying way to much. [In some districts, we pay more for garbage collection than we pay for police protection, and you already know how much we pay for the latter!]

The Special Districts -- and, in particluar, the Sanitary Districts -- have become the talk of the town of late (literally). Now is the time for you to join the debate, and to stick in your 2-cents.

This is your chance to fight back, folks. And fight back, you should. Take back your Town! Damn, at the very least, take back your garbage cans and recycling bins. . .
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For more on Residents for Efficient Special Districts, and how you can help yourself secure more efficient and less costly local services, send an e-mail to information@resd.info.

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