Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"We Don't Need Another Yes Man In Albany!"

A Yes Woman, Perhaps, But Not Another Yes Man

As the race to fill Mike Balboni's still warm State Senate seat heats up, GOP stand-in, Maureen O'connell (late of the NYS Assembly, and currently Nassau County Clerk), tells potential voters that "we don't need another yes man (referring to her opponent's -- Craig Johnson -- support from Governor Eliot Spitzer) in Albany."

Would you believe, "yes woman?"

Indeed, once we stopped laughing, we were able to count -- and recount -- the number of times Maureen O'Connell said "yes" -- for Party and, er, ah, well, for Party.

Let's see how the "yeses" have panned out over the years:

Maureen, run for the Assembly -- Yes, Mr. Mondello.

Maureen, run for County Clerk -- Yes, Mr. Mondello.

Maureen, run for State Senate -- Yes, Mr. Mondello.

One wonders exactly who Maureen will be saying "yes" to if she is elected to the Senate on February 6th?

Maureen, run to get a Band-Aid for my bleeding control over the Senate-- Yes, Mr. Bruno.

Maureen, run to kill any bill that might try to sneak out of Social Services -- Yes, Mr. Bruno.

Maureen, run over to the FBI's office and tell them YOU made shady deals with contractors -- Yes, Mr. Bruno.

One thing we can say for sure -- Maureen O'Connell won't be saying "yes" to change, to reform, or anything more than the status quo if she is elected to the Senate in the 7th.

Will Craig Johnson say "yes" to Governor Spitzer? Well, we certainly hope so.

The voters of New York State said a resounding "YES" to Eliot Spitzer last November, and one of the few roadblocks to reform and change in Albany comes in the form of Joe Bruno & Company and their stranglehold on the NYS Senate.

Craig Johnson represents change in Albany -- a change for the better, we believe -- and the voters of New York's 7th SD should look to give change a chance by saying "YES" to Craig Johnson on Tuesday, February 6th.
- - -
Gotta love that Maureen O'Connel TV spot. You know, the one that blames Craig Johnson for raising County taxes and fees, as the Nassau County Legislature was forced to do in the wake of the fiscal collapse precipitated by years of Tom Gulotta borrow and spend.

Sure, she's going to "hold them accountable" up in Albany. And how are you going to do that, Maureen, when no one in your Party has ever fessed up to the mess your team created in Nassau County under the GOP's long and less than vigilant watch?

Meanwhile, O'Connell's radio spots hail, "she means what she says, and she'll do it?" That's what we, and every voter in the 7th SD, should be afraid of!

A wild ride in the 7th! Voters in Mike Balboni's Senate District shouldn't be hoodwinked into going along for it. . .

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