Monday, March 12, 2007

All In The Family, Town Of Hempstead Style

Town Employees Scramble To Get Permits After The Fact

Archie Bunker must be turning over in his grave!

With the spotlight on the failure of Hempstead Town's ex-Building Commish to secure required permits, they're apparently coming out of the woodwork at Town Hall.

Yes, every Town employee -- and his brother, sister, wife, and fourth cousin twice removed (literally) -- is now applying for permits for decks, porches, additions and the like already completed without authorization.

This includes, to no one's surprise, building inspectors who "worked" under ex-Commish John Loeffel, as well as myriad family members, now exposed as not only being remiss in their obligations to apply, pay for, and secure the necessary paperwork, but for their high-paying, "all in the family," patronage jobs with the Town of Hempstead.

Change the name of Hempstead Town Hall to the Hempstead Hall of Shame. And please, someone stick a fork into Supervisor Kate Murray's rear -- she's done, folks. She's done!
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Building violation reveals more questionable projects in Hempstead
By Eden Laikin

The applicants are:

Personnel assistant Joan Schwarz filed an application for an existing rear deck and front portico on an East Meadow home she and her husband own. A town employee since 1987, she makes $71,169 a year and is married to building inspection supervisor Raymond Schwarz, an employee since 1989 who earns $114,513 annually.

Maureen Montemarano, a $90,553-a-year code enforcement officer, filed a permit application for a rear deck and a roof over the front porch of her Merrick home. Her husband, Paul, is a $99,766- a-year building plans examiner in the same department. She's worked for the town since 1984.

A permit application was filed for an existing shed at the North Bellmore home where code enforcement officer Rebecca Louvaris resides. An unknown person signed the application. Louvaris, who makes $56,121 a year, has been with the town since 1997.

Richard Rogers, a code enforcement officer and a town employee since 2001 who makes $68,162 annually, filed two permit applications -- one for a shed and another for a 6-foot fence, both at his Levittown home.

Code enforcement officer Robert Napolitano's wife, Laura, filed a permit application for an existing front porch with roof on the couple's East Meadow home. Robert Napolitano, who has been with the town since 1995, earns $76,507 a year. Laura Napolitano declined comment Friday. The others could not be reached.

Staff writer Stacey Altherr contributed to this story.

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