Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey, Its Your Money - -

- - Sort Of. . .

Nassau County Comptroller's office finds "absence of financial controls" at County Clerk's office. [Click HERE to read Audit Report.]

And you wonder, with an accounting system from the stone age, why legal documents take 2-years to file, and nobody knows where the filing fees go.

Newsday reports that five current and former Commissioners of the Selden Fire District, as well as a former Montauk fire official and an official with the East Moriches Ambulance District, were arrested on charges ranging from Grand Larceny to mismanagement of taxpayer funds. [Click HERE to read, Five arrested in probe of Selden fire district's spending.]

And you wonder, with Special taxing Districts having their hands in everything from fire and water to sanitation and sewers, how so many of your tax dollars are slipping through your fingers and into their pockets.

The Governor, the Nassau County Executive, the Nassau County Comptroller, the Nassau County Assessor, and citizen/community/good government groups far and wide, are all calling for reform.

Join the bandwagon! Demand responsible, transparent, efficient government, from your town, your county, your state, and, yes, even your White House.

The most powerful weapons in the war on corrupt, ineffective, and self-serving government are in your hands. Those weapons, ladies and gentlemen, are your voices and your votes!

They can only continue to do this to us so long as you let them. . .

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