Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clams for the Taking in Hempstead Town

Seniors Offered Free Clamming Permits By Town; Building Permits, On Other Hand, Will Cost You

They may be clamming up at Hempstead Town Hall about the recent building permit fiasco, but all is not lost.

Senior citizens, many of whom can no longer afford to live in their own houses due to outrageous property taxes, ongoing LIPAsuction, and an ever-escalating cost of living here on Long Island, can at least still eat practically for free -- that is, if they like clams!

Yes, the Town of Hempstead, as per recent release, will now issue clamming permits absolutely free to resident seniors.

While some may think it odd that the Town, faced with seemingly serious ethical problems internally, and making a poor showing in resolving external issues such as the proliferation of illegal accessory apartments, the spread of blight and decay in our downtown business districts, and the rampant code violations that glare at us from every corner, is hyped up about free clamming permits, such silly self-promotion in Hempstead Town is par for the course.

Indeed, if the Earth were about to sustain a direct hit from a meteor, destined to destroy all life as we know it, Kate Murray would be sending out a Murraygram, reminding residents to apply sunscreen!

Thank goodness our seniors won't starve. And bless Kate Murray's tax frozen little heart for getting these free clamming permits to the Town's seniors while the clamming season is still young!

As for Town of Hempstead residents under the age of 60, well, like the rest of us, you'll just have to continue to eat crow.

Please display your clamming permits/Re-Elect Kate Murray lawn signs proudly and prominently.
- - -

Clamming License Available to Town of Hempstead Senior Residents at No Charge
Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Angie Cullin announced that Town of Hempstead Clamming Licenses are available free of charge to residents ages 60 and over.

“With the warmer weather on the horizon, town residents are gearing up for the clamming season,” said Supervisor Murray. “Nearly 100 senior residents have already visited the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways in Point Lookout this year to apply for their free clamming permits.”

The permit is issued for non-commercial usage only and is valid for five years through December 31 of the expiring year. “The normal charge for this permit is $10, but the Town of Hempstead is happy to waive this charge for residents 60 years and over,” said Councilwoman Cullin. “Residents can pick up their permits at the Department of Conservation and Waterways office, located just west of the Loop Parkway on the north side of Lido Boulevard in Point Lookout.”

To contact the Conversation and Waterways office, call 516-431-9200.

“Conservation and Waterways’ science division manages the town's highly-acclaimed clam growout and seeding program which adds more than two million clams to the Town of Hempstead bays annually,” said Murray. “So take advantage of this free permit offer and enjoy a great day of clamming in Hempstead Town’s bays.”

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