Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Dressed Up. . .

. . .And Someplace To Go
Dems Seize NY Senate Chamber; Close Lights, Hide Keys?

We interrupt the charade down State Street in Albany to update you on the latest round of insanity in the State Senate -- this time, by the Democrats, who have apparently taken over the Senate chambers, locking the doors behind them.

They're in there, all right. Behind locked doors. Sitting in the dark.

Does it get any more ridiculous than this?

Who's to blame? Republican coup leaders? Democrats who won't show up? The Governor?

No! We have only ourselves to blame. We sent children to Albany to do the work of adults, and now, they've locked themselves in the bathroom. Meaning no disrespect to our own children, mind you, who would never behave in such an immature fashion. [If they did, they would be punished, accordingly.]

The people's business estopped by funny business. Send in the clowns! [Don't bother, they're there.]
- - -
From the Albany Times Union:

Senate Dems lock themselves in chamber

ALBANY -- Many of the state Senate's Democrats -- minus breakaway member Pedro Espada Jr. -- assembled in the chamber just after 12:30 p.m., just minutes after Sen. Eric Schneiderman, D-Manhattan, emerged from the latest round of negotiations with the Republican-led coalition to announce that no agreement had been reached.

Because the Senate gallery is locked, reporters were forced to crowd around the tiny windows inset in the chamber doors to see what was taking place inside.

Senate Secretary Angelo Aponte, who has not been seen in the chamber since the June 8 coup, was spotted in the Senate along with the Democrats.

Schneiderman said the Democrats continued to dispute Espada's election as Senate president pro tem during the coup, but that the conference was willing to set that aside in order to form an operating agreeent to work on time-sensitive legislation such as sales tax extenders and the renewal of the "Power for Jobs" program.

The Republican coalition, he said, remained insistent that any power-sharing deal must acknowledge the legitimacy of the vote that elected Espada to the president pro tem post.

The GOP had scheduled a session for 2 p.m., although without the 32 members required for quorum, neither side will be able to conduct business. Gov. David Paterson on Monday issued a proclamation calling for a special session at 3 p.m.

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  1. I think they should have their allowances taken away.