Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top Ten Reasons To Send Kate Murray Back To Levittown

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Top Ten Reasons To Send Kate Back to Levittown

1. Kate should be able to land on her feet – after all, they’re hiring at Target’s.

2. A strong, dynamic new leader, with enormous effort, might actually be able to drag Hempstead’s inefficient and outmoded bureaucracy into the 1970’s.

3. Just think how many trees will be saved, now that there won’t be any more “Murraygrams.”

4. Kate will finally have time to relax at the annual “Festival by the Sea.”

5. Charles Wang promised her a season ticket to the Islanders, but only if she loses the election.

6. Now she can go out for Joe Mondello’s job.

7. We can look forward to more updates on her Facebook page.

8. Now she’ll have the time to transform her house into a self-contained solar-powered, hydrogen generating, wind-energy, biomass vision of the future, complete with an illegal apartment.

9. Kate will be able to enjoy those great Town of Hempstead pension benefits.

10. The owners of the Courtesy Hotel have offered her the Levittown franchise.
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In the course of less than a week, we've received over 100 e-mails on the Murray "Top Ten" post, not a single one in support of Kate.

True, our primary audience may be a bit biased, but among our readers are the GOP party faithful who, one would think, would be among the first to come to Kate Murray's side.

Kate Murray. Mistrusted on Main Street, and not even liked very much at Hempstead Town Hall.
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