Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dude, Where's My Environmental Bond Money?

Bulk Of Nassau County's Park Improvement Money Yet To Be Spent
Most Plans Still Await Shovels To Hit Pay Dirt

Okay, so 2004, when voters passed the County's first Environmental Bond Act, seems like only yesterday. [2006, and the passage of the second Bond Act, just the blink of an eye.]

Wondering about the status of those projects -- park restorations, remediation of brownfields, land preservation, storm water initiatives -- and how/where/when that $150 million from 2 bond itiatives is being spent?

Click HERE for the latest info on the Environmental Bond Acts, and then, click HERE, to contact your County Legislator.

Hey, its your money. Find out how it will be spent -- and why, in the name of the environment (if nothing else), its taking so darn long!

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