Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Its Not All Smiles In Levittown

Kate Murray Takes A Blogging In Hempstead Town

One of our readers, attending a Kate Murray rally [along with hundreds of TOH employees (would you believe, 40 TOH employees), who must have forgotten that they were on the clock, not to mention our dime], filed the following report:

"...Joe Mondello lost his temper at a 24 year old voter who is maybe 5’6". This man’s crime? Carrying a sign to the Kate Murray rally on Friday saying 'Build Our Future' (meaning the Lighthouse). It’s also funny that he accused this man of being paid by Charles Wang when I heard more than a few of the 40-some Murray 'supporters' in the crowd say that they 'clocked out' to be there."

The blogs (not just us) aren't being kind to Kate, and the campaign has only just begun. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Here's a sampling. Click, read, and come November, vote. Send a message to the Town of Hempstead. Murray fiddled while Hempstead Town blighted. Time to send Murray home to Levittown!

The Battle Ahead of Us

7th Woman

Islanders Independent [Great photos]

And guess what, folks? Kate Murray now has a Facebook page of her very own. And you thought a twit couldn't Twitter!

Now, Town of Hempstead employees can spend all day posting comments on Kate's wall.

Why, there's even an I Like Kate website. [Self-promotion is grand, isn't it?] Check out Kate's Top Ten List. [Number 6: The Murray Team is beautifying downtown business districts. Sure. If you like blight, its beautiful!]

Could the I Enjoy Paying Higher Property Taxes blog be far behind?

Folks, there is a Murray/Mondello (who took the nails out of the coffin?) alternative. Kristen McElroy. A new face. A real smile. A better choice for the future of Hempstead Town!

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