Friday, June 26, 2009

Elected Officials, Like Diapers, Should Be Changed Often. . .

. . .And Much For The Same Reasons!

The charade down State Street in Albany continues.

How did Einstein define insanity? Oh, yeah. Doing the same thing, the exact same way, over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Elect the same folks to the same jobs with the same empty promises, year after year after year, and you expect what?

Folks, you got us into this mess, now you get us out!

Meanwhile, take a pause from the disaster, and read all about it on The Community Alliance blog. Among other goodies:

Humpty Dumpty Sat On The Wall

The Exorcism

Good Government Comes To Elmont

All Dressed Up And Someplace To Go

Twenty Miles Of Ugly, Revisited

Honey, Did We Plant A Cell Tower On The Front Lawn?

and, let's all sing, The Ballad Of Pedro Espada.

Harmony, now, harmony. You, too, Dean. SING!

And here's a blast from the past. A golden oldie, if you will, from the archives of the blog.

It is captioned, strangely enough, Three Men In A Room, published, November 6, 2006. The subject matter: The dysfunction in Albany.

Not like we were clairvoyant, or anything. . .

Read it all at The Community Alliance blog. Believe what you will, or believe nothing at all. Scroll. Think. Get outraged -- at us; at them. Comment (and be more than Anonymous). Make some noise, for goodness sake. And be a part of your community.

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