Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Governor Paterson To Address "Developments" In Capitol

More Than Just A Media Circus In Albany

Governor David Paterson is scheduled to hold a "media availability" (that's what the release calls it) this afternoon to discuss developments in Albany. [This assumes he has not been deposed by Tom Golisano by then!]

If you would like to watch the press conference you can view a webcast at starting at 12:30 p.m.

If you miss the live webcast, an on demand video of the press release will be available online this afternoon at
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Query: What if the Governor held a "media availability" but the media didn't show? How would we ever know?
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THIS JUST IN: Tom Golisano has bought North Korea, secretly meeting with Kim Il Jung's eldest son, thrice removed, Kim Il Skelos, and Communist Party leader, Pedro Very Ill Espada. Golisano will hold a media availability, as soon as his deal to buy the Tribune and Fox News goes through.

Money may not buy happiness, folks, but it sure as heck can buy the New York State Legislature!

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