Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paralysis On The Hudson

Dems Propose Power Sharing; GOP Balks, Awaits Court Ruling

Do the Democrats really want to cede power to the Republicans? Do the Republicans really want to share it? And what about the people of the Empire State? Just what do they want?

Well, it doesn't take a mindreader to know that New Yorkers everywhere simply want their State Senators -- all 62 of them -- to stop this insanity and get back to work.

With critical issues facing the State, including Nassau County's finances, control over the NYC public schools, gay marriage, and, dare we mention, property tax relief, New Yorkers couldn't care less who leads the Senate. Just get back to work.

Comes to mind that Sprint commercial, "What if firefighters ran the world?"

You know, the firefighters, in full firefighting garb, in a legislative chamber, voting countless measures -- from budgets to clean water -- up or down in a matter of seconds.

Wouldn't it be something if those folks in Albany could stop thinking only of themselves, if but for that same moment, and enact legislation that would benefit us peons back home?

Hey Dean, Pedro? Remember us?

Of course, the reality of it, if firefighters ran the world, we'd never see the end of special taxing districts, and the fights over the keg parties and who's gonna watch what on the 56" HDTV -- in between the junkets to the Bahamas -- would make the goings on in Albany look like child's play.


  1. And of course let's bring up the Fire Districts while we're at it???

    Who writes these blogs Tom Suozzi? or Liz Moore from Newsday?

    Because as usual we have to bring up an issue in which NOT all Fire Districts are guilty of in order to make our point?

    Special Districts - Special Districts - Special Districts

    What has that have to do with the CURRENT situation in Albany?

    Have you EVER been a Volunteer Fireman?

    And if you reread the Newsday article you will see that most of the Fire Districts found to be guilty of anything you wrote about in this BLOG are from Suffolk County and that the State has already passed laws and legislation forbidding such reoccurences and activities!!!

    I find your recent blog insulting to ALL volunteer fireman on Long Island & I challenge anyone reading and agreeing to this blog to go out and join a Volunteer Fire Department to experience first hand what these men and women provide to their communities !

    And finally stop living in the past - because a certain party always wants to place the blame on others rather than take any credit for the problem at hand.

  2. What NO response on this posting from the Almighty Community Alliance???

    I read ur postings more like whiny rants to me - don't see to many people commenting on them though??

    Maybe is reading your rants??

    Or maybe they have all drank the same punch you have and are awaiting the mothership to come pick you up and bring to a better place??

    Ranting about everything the Republicans & the Town of Hempstead are doing is childish at best!!

    Like the Democratics, Tom Suozzi, & the Nassau County Legislators are all "Perfect" and do "No Wrong" is absurb???

  3. We give EVERYONE in the community a voice here at The Community Alliance blog -- even those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity. ;-)