Friday, October 16, 2009

The Community Alliance Endorses. . .

The Best Choices For A Better Community

You know where we stand on the issues, and that which matters most to the Long Island community, its people, and our collective quality of life.

We take our responsibilities to community seriously, and our endorsement of candidates, who, we believe, will best represent all the people, as a public trust.

Without further, we encourage our readers to support -- and, on Tuesday, November 3 -- to vote for -- the following candidates for public office.

Above all, regardless of your choice, we urge you to exercise that most honored and significant privilege, and cast your vote on Election Day. It truly does matter!

Thomas R. Suozzi - County Executive
Howard S. Weitzman - County Comptroller
Maureen O'Connell - County Clerk
Kathleen M. Rice - District Attorney
Kevan M. Abrahams - County Legislator, District 1
Pablo Sinclair - County Legislator, District 2
Nina Petraro Bastardi - County Legislator, District 3
Denise A. Ford - County Legislator, District 4
Joseph K. Scannell - County Legislator, District 5
Francis X. Becker, Jr. - County Legislator, District 6
Jeffrey W. Toback - County Legislator, District 7
Gaspare Tumminello - County Legislator, District 8
Dolores Sedacca - County Legislator, District 9
Judi R. Bosworth - County Legislator, District 10
Wayne H. Wink Jr. - County Legislator, District 11
John E. Rennhack - County Legislator, District 12
Stephanie G. Ovadia - County Legislator, District 13
David L. Mejias - County Legislator, District 14
Dennis Dunne, Sr. - County Legislator, District 15
Judith A. Jacobs - County Legislator, District 16
Rose Marie Walker - County Legislator, District 17
Diane Yatauro - County Legislator, District 18
David W. Denenberg - County Legislator, District 19

Kristen McElroy - Town Supervisor, Hempstead
Mark A. Bonilla - Town Clerk, Hempstead
Dorothy L. Goosby - Town Council Member, District 1, Hempstead
Jean Brett-Leach - Town Council Member, District 4, Hempstead
Gary Hudes - Town Council Member, District 6, Hempstead

Jonathan S. Kaiman - Town Supervisor, North Hempstead
Leslie C. Gross - Town Clerk, North Hempstead
Vivianna L. Russell - Town Council Member, District 1, North Hempstead
Lee Seeman - Town Council Member, District 5, North Hempstead

Keith Scalia - Town Supervisor, Oyster Bay
Matthew T. Meng - Town Council Member, At Large, Oyster Bay
Erin A. Reilley - Town Council Member, At Large, Oyster Bay
Doug Watson - Town Council Member, At Large, Oyster Bay

Francine Adelson - City Council Member, At Large, City of Long Beach
Michael Fagen - City Council Member, At Large, City of Long Beach
Lenny D. Torres - City Council Member, At Large, City of Long Beach

Ralph V. Suozzi - Mayor, City of Glen Cove
Nicholas A. DiLeo - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove
Sean Dwyer - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove
Michael Thomas Famiglietti - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove
Anthony P. Jimenez - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove
Timothy J. Tenke - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove
Delia M. Deriggi Whitton - City Council Member, At Large, City of Glen Cove

Edward P. Romaine - County Legislator, 1st District
Jay H. Schneiderman - County Legislator, 2nd District
Kate M. Browning - County Legislator, 3rd District
Brian J. Beedenbender - County Legislator, 4th District
Vivian M. Viloria-Fisher - County Legislator, 5th District
Bryan Lilly - County Legislator, 6th District
William J. Lindsay - County Legislator, 8th District
Ricardo Montano - County Legislator, 9th District
Patrick W. Nolan - County Legislator, 10th District
Thomas F. Barraga - County Legislator, 11th District
John M. Kennedy Jr. - County Legislator, 12th District
Wayne R. Horsley - County Legislator, 14th District
DuWayne Gregory - County Legislator, 15th District
Steve Stern - County Legislator, 16th District
Louis D’Amaro - County Legislator, 17th District
Jon Cooper - County Legislator, 18th District

Steven Bellone - Supervisor, Town of Babylon
Carol Quirk - Town Clerk, Town of Babylon
Antonio Martinez - Councilman, Town of Babylon
Mark J. Lesko - Supervisor, Town of Brookhaven
M. Cecile Forte - Town Clerk, Town of Brookhaven
John H. Rouse - Superintendent Of Highways, Town of Brookhaven
John J. Leonard - Councilmember, 2nd Town District, Town of Brookhaven
Constance M. Kepert - Councilmember, 4th Town District, Town of Brookhaven
M. Craig Charvat - Councilmember, 5th Town District, Town of Brookhaven
Ronald S. Lupski - Councilmember, 6th Town District, Town of Brookhaven

Benjamin L. Zwirn - Supervisor, Town of East Hampton
William F. Taylor - Trustee, Town of East Hampton
Joseph Giannini - Trustee, Town of East Hampton
Scott A. King - Superintendent of Highways, Town of East Hampton

Dominick J. Stanzione - Councilman, Town of East Hampton
John P. Whelan - Councilman, Town of East Hampton

Frank P. Petrone - Supervisor, Town of Huntington
William J. Naughton - Superintendent Of Highways, Town of Huntington
Stuart P. Besen - Councilman, Town of Huntington
Mark A. Cuthbertson - Councilman, Town of Huntington

Christopher Bodkin - Councilman, Town of Islip
Jim Morgo - Councilman, Town of Islip

Philip J. Cardinale - Supervisor, Town of Riverhead
Diane M. Wilhelm - Town Clerk, Town of Riverhead
George “Geo” Woodson - Superintendent of Highways, Town of Riverhead
Kathleen Berezny - Councilman, Town of Riverhead
Shirley E. Coverdale - Councilman, Town of Riverhead
Rose A. Sanders - Councilman, Town of Riverhead

James Dougherty - Supervisor, Town of Shelter Island
Joseph R. Messing - Assessor, Town of Shelter Island
Donald M. Kornrumpf - Councilman, Town of Shelter Island
Patricia M. Shillingburg - Councilman, Town of Shelter Island

Anna E. Throne-Holst - Supervisor, Town of Southampton
Alex Gregor - Highway Superintendent, Town of Southampton
Frederick Havemeyer - Trustee, Town of Southampton
Jon S. Semlear - Trustee, Town of Southampton
Eric L. Shultz - Trustee, Town of Southampton
Edward J. Warner Jr. - Trustee, Town of Southampton
Bridget M. Fleming - Councilman, Town of Southampton
Sally G. Pope - Councilman, Town of Southampton

Jerilyn B. Woodhouse - Councilman, Town of Southold

Patricia Biancaniello - Supervisor, Town of Smithtown
Daniel Ryan - Superintendent Of Highways, Town of Smithtown
Mark A. Mancini - Councilman, Town of Smithtown
Craig J. Tortora - Councilman, Town of Smithtown
- - -
All candidates, whether endorsed by The Community Alliance or not, are welcome to share their views, express their positions, and get out their message (we will hold you to all promises, should you prevail), by submitting a guest blog for publication on this site.

Write us at, and you shall be heard!


  1. I'm glad to see there are Democrats and Republicans on this list. Blind allegiance to any 1 political party is dangerous and not good for democracy. Now it's time to let our voices be heard, and make a difference this Election Day.

  2. dear community alliance-

    how could you possibly endorse becker for district 6? he has done NOTHING since he was first elected in 1995. all he does is piggyback on what others have done,and talk a good game,if that.

    but look at his rival- a party hack who work-works for the nassau county bridge authority- biggest patronage pie there is-no reason for tolls-and the nassau county medical center-another fiscal and medical disaster.

    grasso is another "fill-in" politician that they found at the last minute,and will be another "sheep led to slaughter" candidate who basically has no chance.

    you know as well as i do because the becker machine is well oiled and bankrolled,fran will trounce this guy without lifting a finger-he hasnt even bothered to campaign for the third or fourth time in a row.

    with choices like these,why should i even bother to vote?





    Working Families 'scam' to boost pals

    Last Updated: 6:00 AM, October 27, 2009
    Posted: 3:01 AM, October 27, 2009

    The labor-backed Working Families Party has engaged in "an audacious scheme to violate the law" to help the party's favored political candidates get elected, a sweeping new lawsuit charges.

    The first-of-its-kind suit says the WFP created a political outfit, Data and Field Services, that it is using to "circumvent state election and local campaign finance laws."

    The way the scheme works, according the suit, is that the WFP gets involved in local races, backing its favored candidates, who in turn hire DFS for vital campaign services, such as phone banking, polling and get-out-the-vote efforts.

    But under the plan, the WFP-endorsed candidates pay only "a nominal sum, well below fair market value," for those services -- giving those candidates a major, unfair advantage over their opponents, whose spending is limited by law.

    "This is a case about an audacious scheme to violate the law by using corporate subterfuge to hijack our local election process," says the suit, which was filed in Staten Island.

    "It goes to the very heart of our local democracy and undermines the fairness and integrity of our local elections."