Monday, October 26, 2009

If TV Spots Decided Elections. . .

. . .Nassau County Dems Would Win In A Landslide!

You can't sit in front of the television set, this last week or so before elections, without being barraged by TV commercials for -- or against -- candidates for public office.

Yes, most offer the typical borish "vote for me" stuff, the kind that makes us run to the fridge for a snack. Some are matter of fact and all business, relying on the record -- or what purports to be the record -- real or exagerated.

And yet, there are others that, for one reason or another, catch our attention and make us groan, giggle, or simply scratch our heads.

For instance. There's a TV spot for George Maragos, GOP candidate for Nassau County Comptroller. Bland enough. Blame taxes on the sitting Comptroller, Howard Weitzman (as if the Comptroller has anything at all to do with establishing taxes or setting tax rates).

Never mind reality.

Has anyone stopped to ask, though, why George Maragos, in this TV ad, is sitting in front of a portrait of Ronald Reagan? Has he forgotten those other "Georges" of somewhat less fiscal restraint, or did he simply sleep through the immediate past Bush administration, where surpluses were routinely squandered, the nation's coffers plundered, the national debt trillionized?

By George, we think he's missed it!

Then there's the Nassau County Republican Committee spot, featuring a George W. Bush dead-ringer (deer caught in the headlights stare, and all) asking us whether Nassau County Democrats think we're stupid.

Well, we must be, if we are willing to buy into the GOP horseradish of fiscal responsibility!

And speaking of phony fiscal tidings, just in time for the holidays, there's that Kate Murray, Town of Hempstead Supervisor spot (cast in the vein of a public service announcement. Did taxpayers pay for that, too?), telling us about that "warm and fuzzy" feeling Town residents have as a result of Kate Murray's property tax "freeze."

"We're not cutting programs and services," says smiling Kate Murray.

Programs and services? What programs and services?

Victorian streetlights for the Feral Cats? Hydrogen Fuel to keep us "warm and fuzzy" when we can't pay our Special District tax bill? Nigerian goats to eat that tax bill? Those friends & family patronage jobs at Town Hall? Zoning for the Dark Ages? Or is it that added touch of blight and neglect on "Main Street" in America's most blighted township?

That's not "warm and fuzzy," Kate. That's our blood pressure boiling and temperature rising, as homeowners come to grips with the fact that Kate Murray and the Town of Hempstead Republicans have increased our tax levy by more than $57 million since Kate took office in 2003.

Thank you, Kate Murray!

By the way, we've tried to track down the links or posts of the Republican Committee and Kate Murray TV spots, even searching YouTube, but have not, as of yet, found them online. If any of our readers have links, pass them along and they will be posted on the blog.

The best TV ads, in our humble opinion, come this season from the Nassau County Democratic Committee.

They're not only funny (as in sad but true), but they actually cast these GOP candidates and party leaders portrayed as the very mockery of representative government that they, in fact, are.

Enough said about that. Watch the spots. Get a laugh. Then go, and vote!

The Mangano Press Conference

The GOP Gang of Three

Kate Murray & Kompany

And what surprises will we see when next we turn on our television sets? Kate Murray, in HDTV (are there screens wide enough?) with her GOP compatriots, traveling through the unincorporated areas of America's largest township, boisterously singing the Town of Hempstead theme song, Always Look On The Blight Side of Life? [YouTube video to follow!]

Come on, you folks in Baldwin, East Meadow, Elmont, Freeport, Hempstead, Inwood, Massapequa, Oceanside, Roosevelt, Seaford, Uniondale, Valley Stream, West Hempstead, and wherever blight now defines "Main Street" and "downtown." Join in the chorus!

Is it us, or is it that elephant in the room (no, not the one wearing the red pants suit) that's taking down the Town of Hempstead, and holding up even the faint facsimile of progress and economic resurgence in Nassau County?

Ahh. To be young, out of touch with reality, and Republican in Nassau County!

Right. Stand up and be counted, because TV spots don't decide elections. YOU DO!

VOTE on November 3rd!


  1. I just watched a replay of the debate between Kate Murray and Kristen McElroy on News12. When Kate started talking about the Courtesy Hotel, I wanted to throw one of those solar powered clams through my computer screen. What a bunch of B.S. Not only did it take 15 years to get there, the Town had to be dragged kicking and screaming every step of the way. And what about all the other smart growth projects Kate has denied over the years (Baldwin and Elmont come to mind).

    It's time for us to deny Kate's bid for re-election.

  2. but kate will win because mcelroy is too little too late. she didnt get her messages out in a timely fashion. kate has the $$ and the organization,the get out the vote mechanism and more.

    toh is the last stronghold for the republicans and they are just not going to give it up.